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Email Marketing: Common Mistakes

Marketing your events can fall short if your email messages are riddled with mistakes.

The best way to avoid mistakes is to check your work.  Consider these tips to verify your marketing messages before they go out the door.

Common Mistakes in Email Campaigns 

  1. Spelling & Grammar Mistakes. It’s simple but, extremely important. Proofreading can make the difference between looking professional or not. Make sure to rely on another set of eyes to catch what spell check can miss.
  2. Check for Mobile Optimization. Many of your subscribers are likely to read about your events on their mobile phone. If your images aren’t easily readable on a smaller screen, they aren’t going to get the message.
  3. Check Your Links. Sending your subscribers to learn more about the wrong event can confuse them and lower your conversions. Make sure to check each image, button, and hyperlink.


Workflow Approvals

Workflow approval processes are a great way to keep tabs on your mistakes and ensure your messages get evaluated.  Determine if your email provider has a process to facilitate the review.

CrowdConnect the official email marketing platform has a Workflow Approval process built in to make it simple to verify content within a message before deploying your campaigns.  Using a snapshot of the message, workflow recipient(s) can easily review messages, cancel them if they are incorrect, send them if approved, and alternately edit them for corrections.

If you are a current client interested in learning more about the Workflow Approval process within CrowdConnect, please check out our Knowledge Base for more detailed information

Interested in CrowdConnect the official email marketing platform powered by WhatCounts? Learn More.

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