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5 Easy Steps To Connect With Your Audience Using CrowdConnect™

Marketing automation is one of the many “buzz words” these days. There are so many articles written on why marketing automation is important for companies to better communicate to their customers. I hear it all the time, “do you want to improve higher engagement and create more personalized email messages while increasing ticket sales?” The obvious answer is, ummm YES PLEASE! However, what does marketing automation really mean and more importantly how can I use it to forge relationships with my patrons?

Thankfully, we hear you loud and clear. Our CrowdConnect Marketing Automation tool is a great way to plan out a series of personalized communications or recurring tasks that keep you connected with your subscribers. This tool makes your patrons feel like they are valued by your organization. Patrons that feel good about their experience with your brand will continue doing business with you. It’s as simple as that!

CrowdConnect automations, combined with segments, give you the tools to create the following useful campaigns and more:

  • Welcome Trigger
  • Birthday trigger
  • Emails with Reminders
  • Reactivation Campaign

There are 4 main tools to make these campaigns happen:

  1. Templates (the email build itself)
  2. Segments (determine the starting audience for the automation)
  3. Marketing Automation (mapping out the journey)
  4. Calendar (to schedule the automation and map it to the appropriate segment)

Seeing is believing right? Below are the steps to create a Birthday Trigger with a reminder email in CrowdConnect.

1) Build the email as a template in the system


2) Build a segment to isolate everyone with a birthday today



3) Create a Marketing Automation to send the birthday email




4) Create a reminder after 4 days to everyone who didn’t open the first email



5) Launch the campaign by scheduling the Marketing Automation to run every day



You are now an expert at creating a simple but effective Marketing Automation campaign with CrowdConnect – a few easy steps to cultivate better relationships with your customers!. Connect with us to learn how you can start using CrowdConnect today!

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