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5 Things Everyone Should Do During Fall 2016!

Life is more enjoyable, when it is enjoyed together. Whether you are surrounded by a small group of friends, a team of co-workers, or your local church or government community, performing any task, fun or mundane, can turn into an unforgettable experience. Surrounding yourself with others working toward a collective goal will be the best motivation, support, or even friendly competition to push yourself even further than perhaps you would have ever gone on your own. As a core philosophy at, we want to encourage everyone to get out and experience these five activities this fall, while leaning on your community.

Volunteering with others is such a special experience, with a deep fulfilling reward that can change your life (as well as some else’s). The options are limitless. You can participate in a park cleanup, serve a hot meal to someone less fortunate, or spend time talking to people at assisted living facilities. Join your co-workers, old and new friends, or jump right in with strangers. There are so many ways you can get involved. Check out T.Cares and the many ways we invited people to join us in giving back. You will never regret volunteering as a community.

Apple and Pumpkin Picking
This may be an obvious one, but always a family favorite! Head over to your local apple or pumpkin farm to pick some of this season’s most delicious fruit. The fun can also be continued at home when you gather together to make your favorite recipes. An added bonus would be to share them with your neighbor and/or co-workers.

Enjoy a Trip to the Museum and Performing Arts Centers
With the new season, new Fall Museum exhibits are ready to be seen. Grab your tickets, grab your friends and tap into the arts and culture scene in your city. Fall produces some of the most exciting and beautiful colors, arts and more. You might be interested in checking out Morris Museum, Morgan Library, Air Force Museum Foundation, National Gallery Of Canada, and more. has a great museum selection, check it out here!

Turkey Bowl
Join in on the dozens of teams who will gather together on the weekend before Thanksgiving for an enjoyable, friendly, and competitive pickup game of football across the country. Lace up your cleats, tighten your chin strap and bring your 8th grade school spirit for some game time festivities. If you don’t know anyone who is playing, start your own Turkey Bowl!

One of the very best Fall activities is watching football with your friends. Grab tickets to a game, get ready to tailgate and cheer on your team. If tickets to a game aren’t in your budget, meetup at a friends house or your local brewery to root for your team together. Nothing says Fall more than coming together for someday football.

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