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Introducing Alfred became the first technology company to bring the convenience of Near Field Communication (NFC) via Apple Wallet to the ticketing market with the debut of its innovative new platform, Alfred. The Oakland Athletics, in collaboration with Apple and Infinite Peripherals, were the first partner to publicly utilize the technology during a six-game pilot in September that provided fans the opportunity to enter the Oakland Coliseum by tapping their iPhone or Apple Watch to an Alfred-powered scanner.

With the subsequent release of the iPhone X, Alfred will also be able to utilize the device’s revolutionary facial recognition to enable a fan’s ticket for entry into an Alfred-supported venue. The Athletics pilot was an important step forward for secure mobile ticketing as it marked the first time a professional sports event supported contactless tickets in Apple Wallet.

SPA Houston, the largest nonprofit Performing Arts organization of its kind in the entire southwest, has also gone live with Alfred. The organization chose Alfred because it is both cost-effective and easy to use.

Lee Strickland, General Manager of SPA Houston quotes, “We work in venues and parks in various locations throughout the city, and Alfred gave us the complete coverage we needed. The ease of use and the reliability of the system has been an amazing upgrade to what we had before.”

“ remains focused on technological innovation for our partners’ customers,” says Joe Choti, President and Chief Executive Officer of “Alfred has evolved digital ticketing and Access Control to new levels, making it frictionless, fun, engaging, and flawless.”

Teaming up with partners Infinite Peripherals and Apple, Alfred was built to be lightweight, user-friendly, and adaptable to future technologies. NFC is more secure than traditional Access Control systems, allowing patrons a smooth and stress-free entry into their favorite live events. Chief Technology Officer, Derek Argobright states, “With Alfred, no barcodes are needed. We simply have the patron come to the venue entryway and authenticate from their personal device. Alfred instantly reads the NFC enabled pass and provides verified access for entry, making the process seamless and easy for both the patron and venue personnel.”

Argobright continued, “We have the ability to build out Alfred to be an entire end-to-end ticketing system. Whether it be reporting, ticket sales, or ticket services, all will be possible with the future of Alfred.”

Near Field Communication support for event entry is just the beginning for Alfred. This one-of-a-kind platform was built to both leverage present technologies and adapt and evolve to the future of live event technology with additional features and functionalities coming soon.

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