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Reporting in ProVenue® is powerful and highly flexible. We offer over 180 native reports and state-of-the-art reporting technologies to extend the standard offering.

Reporting at your fingertips

Devise a plan. Build events, packages, pricing strategies, promotions and campaigns without limits. Then monitor your success in real time. The ProVenue ticketing system delivers event audits, on-sale updates, seat books, ticket usage statistics, and other patron-activity reports directly into your hands—from one cohesive database.

The Pinnacle of Ticketing Software Meets the World’s Best CRM Platform and Salesforce® bring you ProVenueForce™, a near-real time integration between the ProVenue ticketing software and the Salesforce CRM product. Service your patrons, work your opportunities, and sell tickets in a single browser window, while a continuous revision feed keeps your account and order data in sync.

Data sent from ProVenue includes:

  Contacts, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses

  Complete order history

  Quantities, paid amounts, and balances

  Notes and interactions recorded on the account

 Patron traits for focused campaigns and informed customer service

  Agencies, sales reps, marketing source codes, and more!

Complete Data Capture And Marketing Insight

We offer you fast entry, better security, and complete data capture. This is done through the scanning of bar-coded tickets in real time using wireless, hand-held scanning devices or digital turnstiles.

Back-end reporting capabilities deliver insight into marketing effectiveness. Reports include comps vs. revenue, comp no-shows, and attendance by price scale and buyer type. 

Reporting Tools provides detailed reporting to clients from a large menu of technologies:

A Multitude of Data Points – Define unlimited data points and categories in your ProVenue system related to tickets, users, events, and packages, and then use them as report filters and visualize them in your output. ProVenue supports the collection of limitless patron attributes through various mechanisms, including consumer-entered preferences. Generate predictive analytics and reporting—as well as targeted marketing campaigns—from this rich repository of information.

Standard Reporting – The ProVenue® report catalog comprises more than 180 real-time reports related to ticket sales, packages, inventory, payments, receivables, attendance, patron profiles, and more. Reports support a rich set of input parameters, allowing you to filter on a variety of data points. Formatted reports are generated as PDF files using TrueType fonts and boardroom-quality layout. Exports include an extensive number of columns optimized for import into spreadsheets and other tools to meet a variety of custom business needs. Select reports are available through an open Internet portal with extended functionality like scheduled delivery.

Replicated Data Service – Create your own custom reports and data feeds, or build new integrations with authorized users. offers a flexible solution for accessing near real-time data outside of the ProVenue® ticketing system. We install a server at your location and replicate an object-by-object copy of your ticketing system domain into an Oracle® database, updated every 15 minutes.

Email and Newsletter Marketing – Extend your ticketing solution with our CrowdConnect™ marketing platform. Build digital campaigns and track their success using real-time analytics, including click-through rates, consumer actions, and conversions tracked through the purchase flow.

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