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Product And Technology Highlights

ProVenue® is proud to announce the 3.7 release of ProVenue, a major release containing many exciting new features! Here are some of the highlights of the release:

  • Event Ticket Quotas – A per patron account ticket quota value can now be defined at the event level and enforced through all sales channels including via our DirectConnect APIs. Fine-grained control can be used to determine which seats are controlled by the quota value.
  • Lock Patron Account – It is now possible to lock a patron account that effectively freezes different actions for the account until some resolution or customer service issue is resolved.
  • Improved Multi-Organizational Support – Support has been added for self-service setup and administration in two key areas:
    • Service Charges
    • Print Formats
  • DirectConnect APIs – The release includes numerous enhancements to the Patron API as well as a new Bulk Price Update API

Many other smaller enhancements contained in the release are focused on MyProVenue self-service setup. For example, venue maps and static images used in MyProVenue are now not only defined in ProVenue, they are automatically transferred to the online servers requiring no manual intervention.


The release of ProVenueOnline 62.2 delivers a number of major renewal enhancements are now available including:

    • Auto-Renewals – Payment plans in ProVenue can now be configured to trigger an auto-renewal feature; when patrons select the payment plan they are presented with special terms. For a follow-up season, the rollover process in ProVenue will automatically create an order with future scheduled payments using the patron’s default credit card in their digital wallet.
    • Renewal Delivery Options – During the renewal process, a patron can now select a delivery method based on setup rules created in ProVenue. A full season renewal, for example, might offer a digital delivery, while a partial season package might only offer mail as an option.


A new release of MyProVenue, our responsive, mobile-friendly ticket purchase and management experience includes a number of enhancements and performance improvements. The addition of Data Protection capabilities (the ability for patrons to opt-in or out of marketing opportunities) is entirely self-service, driven from ProVenue setup.

Our engineering team constantly looks for an edge employing the latest technologies. With the latest release of MyProVenue, we have significantly improved the page rendering time across the application.

We are aggressively launching MyProVenue for more and more clients. If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can benefit from MyProVenue, please contact

Other Notable Product Updates

  • Product Design – As highlighted in this year’s ProVenue Exchange in Scottsdale, Arizona, we are working with many of our clients to focus on design, the creation of compelling User Experiences through content and User Interface Design. One key area has been the work we have done with clients to design new Navigation Maps. We are now offering our design services on a consulting basis and will be launching a Product Design Gallery to showcase some of our newest designs. Clients interested in our services will now be able to browse the gallery for ideas. If you are interested in utilizing our design services, please contact
  • Utilities and Tools – We are building new utilities intended for client use and new tools that will initially be used by internal personnel to improve our operational efficiencies and assist in streamlining your business processes.
    • Patron Merge Utility – After completing a beta period and when launched for general use, this utility can act on a file that identifies pairs of duplicate patron accounts, merging a “source” patron into a consolidated “target account.”
    • Load Import Staging Table Utility – A new utility will enable clients to load the import staging tables which can then be used to initiate an Import Run to bulk create new sales.
    • Patron Load Tool – Initially for use by employees, this tool allows for the bulk import of patrons.


Remarkable Products and Updates

MyProVenue™ is proud to announce the release of MyProVenue™, a completely new application built on an elegant responsive web design, designed for Internet ticket sales and patron self-service features.  The release was concurrent with releases of our ProVenue® and ProVenueOnline®  products which provide extensive support for the new MyProVenue™ product in addition to other new features.

As a responsive web application, MyProVenue™ provides an optimal experience for patrons on a variety of devices, including phones, tablets, and the desktop.  Our first version of MyProVenue supports single ticket purchases, secondary market purchases through our Replay Ticket Exchange®, and MyTickets™ Account Management features, including viewing tickets, ticket forwarding and posting tickets to Replay.

You will be hearing much more about this exciting new product in the coming weeks and months as we roll out the product to our client-base and as we continue to add more features.

Replay™ Ticket Exchange

On March 1, 2016 was excited to be a part of the launch of the Boston Red Sox Replay Marketplace, a completely integrated secondary market exchange with a number of enhanced features supported through ProVenueOnline and ProVenue including full support for splitting listings on purchase, highly configurable floor pricing, new account credit options, and an automated rollover-to-donation option for listings which expire prior to the event.

A fully integrated secondary market provides Red Sox fans with a safe and trustworthy marketplace for both posting and buying tickets. Fans already familiar with MyTickets, which offer convenient features such as ticket forwarding and ticket printing, are now provided the ability to post tickets from the same interface.  Fans can also be offered incentives through the use of Replay through Red Sox Rewards points and other team-sponsored initiatives.

The capture of seller and buyer information along with all price and service charge information on ProVenue offers the Red Sox a single-source 360 degree view of data, combining secondary market activity data with that of primary market sales.  The customer service screens in Ticket Services have been completely redesigned and optimized for the new Replay features. Users can navigate through the life cycle of a market offer when it is split as a result of a buyer purchasing only a portion of an offer. Listings can also be cancelled from within ProVenue resulting in the listing being removed from the marketplace in real time. 


We are proud to introduce’s new cloud marketing platform, CrowdConnect! We give you the tools to collect, analyze and deliver the most personalized campaigns to your patrons. Never stress again about data costs. Our platform includes UNLIMITED storage. We encourage you to collect as much patron data as possible. The platform offers advanced reporting, marketing automation and dynamic content features. It is no longer acceptable to deliver a generic message to your patrons. You now need to deliver the most relevant message, at the right time, through the right channel on the right device tailored specifically to each of your patrons. This can all be accomplished through CrowdConnect. The easy to use click and drop functionality makes even the most novice user become an expert within hours of using the product.

ProVenue® – New Features

In addition to support for Replay and MyProVenue™, a number of new features are included in the ProVenue® 3.6 release:

  • Extended Seat Definition Ticket Extensions: Our powerful and flexible extended seat definitions now include the ability to create definitions based on elements of a ticket sale/reservation.  The definition can now be triggered by an association with an event, package, price scale, section, buyer type, and/or service charge.
  • Ticket Services: Our Ticket Services portal has been expanded and now includes:
    • Barcode Status: A new barcode status tab provides users with a quick validation for a ticket based on a barcode. An inactive/invalid ticket will provide a user with a simple reason why a ticket is inactive.
    • Seat History Enhancements: Seat history has been enhanced to include complete details on deliveries.

Other new features include a sales rep reassignment utility and a new option to enforce a greater than or equal to quantity for a package exchange.

Talk to your rep to find out how you can start using our products today!

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