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Secure mobile payment built into new app for The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts

Costa Mesa, CA/Hartford, CT, November 19, 2014 –, provider of state-of-the-art technology solutions to more than 1,000 sports and entertainment clients around the world, today announced it has launched the first venue ticketing integration with support for Apple Pay™ mobile payments solution. A new app, The Bushnell, is now available in the App StoreSM online store and patrons of The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts (Hartford, CT) may purchase tickets quickly and securely using Apple Pay, making it the first entertainment venue in the world to offer this in-app payment option for ticket purchases.

“The Bushnell is very excited to expand its relationship with by becoming the first performing arts venue to integrate ticketing via Apple Pay,” said David Fay, President and CEO of The Bushnell. “The Bushnell app will extend the capabilities of our recently redesigned website,, and offer our customers a new, fast, and secure option for purchasing tickets.”

The Bushnell leverages the ProVenue® ticketing platform, a proprietary technology solution built by Through a hosted, open architecture, ProVenue® delivers a reliable and scalable ticket purchasing solution developed from fully integrated and customizable end-to-end services.

“We are proud to debut Apple Pay support for The Bushnell in anticipation of its holiday performance season and a 2015 calendar filled with popular events,” said Joe Choti, CEO, “This integration is another important development in our on-going commitment to mobile ticketing technology and the dynamic possibilities it presents for our venue clients and their millions of patrons.” will continue its rollout of in-app Apple Pay mobile payments support to its global client sports and entertainment roster, including Major League Baseball teams through the At the Ballpark app. Availability for each venue will be announced as it launches.

About, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MLBAM, is a leading provider of fully integrated event ticketing technologies, solutions, and services for thousands of top arts, entertainment, and sporting events worldwide. Delivering the latest in ticketing technology, offers the advanced ProVenue® ticketing platform, which serves as the core of a comprehensive web-based suite of integrated features, products, and services that help clients enhance ticket sales, marketing efforts, and overall customer experience. is headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, and has regional offices across the U.S. and around the world. The company also sells tickets directly to consumers through its website

Will Major League Soccer incorporate the Goal Line Technology being used in the World Cup?

When major league sports first started using technology during games, it made people scratch their head and ask why? Sure it might slow the pace down at times but its main purpose is to increase accuracy during games, especially big ones. Technology is becoming more prevalent in major league sports to help make the “tough calls”.

This year in Brazil for the FIFA World Cup™, a new technology is being rolled out called Goal Control-4D. FIFA explained in a press release, “Goal Control is equipped with 14-high speed cameras located around the pitch, with seven cameras focused on each goalmouth.  The ball position is continuously and automatically captured in 3D and the indication of whether a goal has been scored is immediately confirmed within one second to a watch worn by each of the match officials.” According to, “the cameras operate at up to 500 frames a second to capture a three-dimensional position of the ball. Each goal has seven cameras trained on it at all times. Fixed to a high point in the stadium, such as the roof, two cameras are at the halfway line, another two are placed between halfway and the goal line and another camera is located behind the goal.”

Seems simple enough right? Fox also states, “the cameras are linked via fibre-optic cable to an image processing computer that monitors the movements of every object on the pitch. Specially built detection software is used to filter out players and the referee. Thanks to the flood of information from the cameras, the system can monitor the ball’s position based on x,y and z coordinates and report its three-dimensional position anywhere on the field. Crucially for under-pressure referees, this position is monitored both when the ball is on the ground and when it’s in the air.“

With this new technology FIFA is attempting to eliminate blown calls that could cost a team, and country, the World Cup.  Last Saturday during the France vs. Honduras game, people around the world got a taste of this new technology. The replay showed two different scenarios; the ball hitting the post and bouncing out, and the ball hitting the Honduras keeper to bounce across the line. Goal Control-4D technology ruled the ball bounced off the keeper, France G-O-A-L! The debate was ablaze on social media outlets and it seems like it will continue to be a controversial topic of this year’s World Cup.

Now the question is will MLS be interested in following Major League Baseball’s technology movement by bringing this to regular season games? What do you think about technology entering into the World Cup and do you think MLS will follow? We want to know – leave us a comment!

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Selfie Nation

Selfie noun, informal (also selfy, plural selfies): a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website

In November 2013, selfie was named Oxford Dictionaries International Word of the Year, in large part to the increased use of the word, a whopping 17,000% since the same time the previous year.  Fast forward to today and more than 73 million photos using the #selfie have been posted on Twitter and Instagram according toUnmetrics.  Selfies have become the norm when promoting yourself or your brand; everyone from athletes to celebrities to your mom and dad are taking part in this pop cultural phenomenon.  Even big brands have taken to social media channels to take advantage of the selfie culture and to increase consumer engagement.

In the digital age, selfies are encouraged everywhere we go.  At your favorite concert or sporting event, snap a photo of yourself doing something exciting and instantly share it with the world.  We have the capability to snap a selfie and capture priceless moments; like this lucky fan did at a Beyoncé concert via Facebook/Beyoncé).

And everyone is doing it; including 2013 World Series Champion and MVP David Ortiz, who took a very memorable selfie (picture via Twitter @DavidOrtiz) with President Barack Obama, during the Red Sox visit to the White House.

Who could forget Ellen’s Academy Award® selfie that took a total of 34 seconds to break the world record for the most retweeted tweet of all time.  She was also the first user to top 1 million retweets for a single Twitter post.  In less than an hour the photo had surpassed 1.3 million retweets and temporarily shut Twitter down.   When it was all said and done, the tweet was seen by 37 million people worldwide, according to Twitter numbers. (picture via Twitter @TheEllenShow)

Finally, how about Tampa Bay Rays reporter Kelly Nash who took a beautiful but dangerous selfie at Fenway Park (courtesy of Kelly Nash via Instagram).

Sometimes random and spontaneous, or perhaps entirely orchestrated, the selfie is here to stay so keep them coming! We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

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What Kind Of Basketball Fan Are You?

As the NBA playoffs heat up, the team at can’t help but debate the classic argument: NBA or college basketball, or better yet, NBA Playoffs or March Madness?  It’s the same sport, played very differently. Whichever you prefer, it’s hard to debate that one is better than the other however in the spirit of high intensity basketball playoffs; for fun, let’s compare.

Making a college basketball team is the pivotal point in a young player’s career allowing them to take what they’ve learned during countless games played in rec and travel leagues, and improve upon their skills.  It is also the place where legends are born, stars shine in high pressure situations and players show what they are made of. During March Madness raw emotion is on display for fans, players and coaches.  A win in the tournament advances your team to the next round and when you’re following your team through the brackets it feels like a personal victory when your bracket soars! The thrill of March Madness is that at any point your team can be eliminated or thrive against all odds creating an instant “Must See” event.

The game NBA players play is a very different game with best in class talent and a maturity that only comes from being the star or player under pressure over and over again.  Each player on an NBA roster was the best player on their college (or in some instances high school) teams.  They get paid to play night after night and to bring home a championship.  The NBA also drafts international players which help the league draw fans from all over, including celebrities and other high profile people who clamor for courtside seats and a chance to be part of the action. In many cities NBA basketball is an obsession.

From the fans perspective both games are evenly matched and you’d be hard pressed to convince a die-hard Knicks fan that watching the local college basketball team would be the same or vice versa; so let’s talk numbers.

College hoops start in the fall and hits its frenzied climax with March Madness where 68 teams battle it out during a single-elimination tournament played out over 30+ games.  Brackets are busted, Cinderella stories emerge and likely and unlikely heroes have the opportunity to show their grit in front of a global audience.  In 2013, the NCAA Tournament averaged 10.7 million viewers per game.  The Championship Game – Louisville Cardinals vs. Michigan Wolverines pulled in 23.4 million viewers. [Source: CBS Corp.]

The NBA Playoffs on the other hand is a four-part, best-of-seven elimination tournament among 16 teams between the Eastern and Western Conferences, ultimately deciding the final four teams who will play in the conference finals.  Battling it out the last two teams standing play a final best-of-seven series to win the championship.  The 2013 Playoffs averaged 17.7 million viewers per game while the Championship Game – Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs captivated 26.3 million viewers. [Source:]

Strictly looking at the numbers, the NBA is the winner but you can’t put numbers to a fans passion for their team so we want to know what you think.  Comment below or use #FAN @ticketsdotcom and tell us, which do you prefer: March Madness or the NBA Playoffs?

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Looking Up

I recently watched the video “Look Up” (with more than 30 million views on YouTube in a week) which claims that technology is corrupting our country, our relationships, our children and that we are missing out on life by always looking down at our devices.  While we can all agree that people need to “look up”, engage and be present, there is a fine line between using technology and being completely consumed by it.  In truth, technology is a way of life personally and professionally and there are plenty of benefits that go along with this progress.  For instance, the freedom and mobility we have now would have been unfathomable twenty years ago when phones were still attached to the wall by long cords and you heard a dial tone before you connected to the internet.   Responsible technology consumption doesn’t limit interaction, it enriches it.

Our lives are enriched by the content and information available at our fingertips.  According to an article published by Science Daily (May 22, 2013), more than 90% of all the data in the world has been generated over the last two years.  Every 60 seconds there are 571 new websites created, more than 204 million emails sent, etc., etc. (source:  That kind of immediate access and information sharing didn’t exist ten-twenty years ago.  Today the internet allows you to find the answer to any question in a matter of minutes, often time seconds.

Traveling to a new city you have never been to and you need a car or a taxi? Don’t worry; there’s an app for that. Need directions when you’re lost? Yup, there’s an app for that too. Not to mention apps that fully integrates your experience at stadiums, arenas and ballparks.  With the ability to check-in, upgrade your seats, pay for parking, order food or even distribute tickets to guests who haven’t arrived yet, technology makes attending live events easier than ever before.

Communication with friends and family, sharing photos or ideas and organizing events has never been simpler with Face Time, real time, Skype and a million other ways to stay connected.  Corporations also benefit by embracing technology to better communicate with their employees, clients and prospects, promote products, advertise and share news in real time.

The benefits of technology far outweigh the negatives.  It has forever changed the way we live and it is here to stay.  There is value in “Look Up” as a reminder not to let technology control or overtake you but instead embrace it and let it make your life richer and easier.  Disconnect every once in a while from it all, go outside, enjoy time with loved ones.  Encourage your kids to play with other kids and not just with a tablet or a console. Teach them to use technology responsibly, to enrich their lives while showing them the importance of human interaction.  Embrace life to its fullest but allow technology to be there when you want it. and Los Angeles Dodgers Ticketing Partnership, Inc. and the Los Angeles Dodgers announced a new long-term ticketing agreement beginning with the 2014 Major League Baseball season

“We’re excited about leveraging the ProVenue platform and continuing to improve the ticketing experience for Dodger fans – especially around digital ticketing,” said Lon Rosen, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the Dodgers.

Los Angeles will become the 17th MLB Club to utilize’s ProVenue platform. In 2014, MyTickets Mobile, a new feature launched in September within the award-winning At The Ballpark app for iPhone and Android smartphones, also will debut for the Dodgers, giving fans mobile access to any ticket purchased for Dodger Stadium.

“The Dodgers have made a huge commitment to using new technology to improve every facet of the experience for their fans – both inside and outside of Dodger Stadium.  We’re thrilled they’ve chosen to lead that effort around ticket purchasing, digital/mobile delivery and managing season tickets,” said John Walker, President and CEO of  “We’re very proud to be partners with such an iconic professional sports franchise.”

MLB Postseason Awards!

With the Postseason officially over, it is time for the awards to be handed out. The Rawlings Gold Glove awards were presented on Tuesday night and next week the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) awards will be announced.

The Rawlings Gold Glove awards were voted on by the managers and coaches in both the National and American Leagues. Carlos Gomez, centerfielder, from the Milwaukee Brewers won the Gold Glove award for the NL. Gomez was the first Brewers player to win the award in 31 years! The Baltimore Orioles lead the American League with six Gold Glove finalists with three winners taking home the award. Shortstop J.J. Hardy and centerfielder Adam Jones each won the award for their second year in a row and third baseman Manny Machado was a first time recipient.

To view the winners of the Players Choice Awards click here.

Starting on November 12th, tune into the MLB Network for the presentation of the BBWAA awards to the top players and managers in all of MLB!

NBA Season Is Here!

It is officially that time of year – NBA Season! Last night marked Opening Night of the NBA season with three highly anticipated games. Most basketball fans had their eyes set on the Lakers – Clippers match-up, which was expected to be an easy win for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Last night Doc Rivers rejoined the Clippers for the first time in 21 years but for the first time as head coach. Rivers primary focus this season is to create a defense-oriented team that will require the opposing team to work extra hard for their points.

The Los Angeles Lakers scored 14 of 29 three pointers last night even without Kobe Bryant.  The Lakers ended up winning the game 116 to 103. Phil Jackson took notice of the new energy the Lakers are playing with and wrote on Twitter, “Fun to watch a team play with great emotion and purpose. Laker game was played for the faithful… now it’s on.” The Lakers are hungry to regain the Pacific Division title and last night’s play proves it.

Here are the highly anticipated games remaining for week one:

Fenway’s Green Monster

The 2013 MLB World Series is underway with two Historic teams fighting for the Pennant, each with a 97-65 season record!

Game 1 of the series was played at Fenway Park, home to the Green Monster and the Boston Red Sox baseball team. For those that are unfamiliar with the Green Monster, it is a popular nickname for the thirty-seven foot, two-inch high left field wall and is a mere 310+ feet away from home plate. The Green Monster is famous for preventing home runs on many line drives that would easily clear the walls of most other ballparks. The ballpark’s storied scoreboard was added in 1934 and occupies the lower half of the ‘Green Monster’. To this day, the score is manually updated from behind the wall throughout each game.

Watch this video for an inside look at Fenway Park’s Green Monster.

Good luck to both the Boston Red Sox and the St Louis Cardinals baseball teams – may it be a nail-biter series!

Share with us your World Series winner prediction!

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