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Email Segmentation

Email Marketing: Engagement Segmentation

Simple yet effective – segmenting your email lists to focus on your engaged subscribers can help you increase your open rates & clickthrough rates.

Who is an “Engaged” Subscriber?

An engaged email subscriber is someone that has last opened or clicked an email within the last 30-90 days depending on your email frequency.

Who is an “Unengaged” Subscriber?

An unengaged email subscriber is someone that has not opened or clicked in the last 30 / 90-180 days.

Emails can be set up in CrowdConnect or your email marketing platform with a variety of rules, if/and statements to help define what works best for your business model and target the subscribers ready to open and click.

How does this help?

  1. Engagement segments help you to track your subscribers’ level of interaction with your emails.
  2. They help you identify subscribers who have lost interest in your content.
  3. Focusing on engaged audiences will increase the likelihood an email will be opened, read, and your ticket purchase links are clicked – and your overall ROI.

Why Not Send to My Whole List?

Emails do come at a cost, the more emails you send, the greater cost you incur.  And while the cost increases, the effectiveness of your email overall decreases.

With CrowdConnect the official email marketing platform powered by WhatCounts we will help you easily segment your emails and fish where the fish are.

If you are a current client check out how to easily segment your engaged subscribers and start increasing your ROI today.

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