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Groupon Expands Live-Event Offerings Through Registered Developer Program

As part of our strategic vision to provide venues with access to innovative technology, solutions, and distribution channels, we are proud to expand our relationship with Groupon through the Registered Developer Program.

The Registered Developer Program allows verified third-party solutions to seamlessly integrate with our ProVenue ticketing platform – providing partner venues with limitless access to the most advanced ticketing technology and patron experiences in the industry.

As a member of the Registered Developer Program, Groupon will offer its vast mobile and online marketplace to any venue utilizing ProVenue technology. By featuring single or multiple events on Groupon, venues will have the power to expand the digital footprints for reaching local consumers as well as travelers looking to explore the best entertainment facilities a city offers.

“Live events and activities play a big role in bringing their communities together, and we’re thrilled to partner with’s extensive client roster to help people conveniently discover and experience amazing things to do near them,” said Brian Fields, Groupon’s vice president and general manager of things to do. “With more than 32 million Groupon customers in North America and a huge presence on mobile, we’re helping some of the biggest names in live entertainment attract the next generation of fans.”

Groupon is among the more than 50 innovative integrators currently approved as active participants in the Registered Developer Program. With’s technology infrastructure as the foundation, the program unites venue personnel, third-party developers, and ProVenue experts in a collaboration to build reimagined experiences and unsurpassed values to patrons, including ticket sales and functionality, access control, loyalty, and distribution channels.

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