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Indianapolis Indians See New Possibilities with CrowdConnectPlus

Founded in 1902 The Indianapolis Indians are a professional Minor League Baseball team based in the International League and the Triple-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Indians play at Victory Field in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

Recently, the Indianapolis Indians, upgraded their email marketing services from CrowdConnect™ to CrowdConnectPlus with The decision to upgrade was based on seeking more advanced ways to efficiently market upcoming events to their patrons and increase their engagement. 

In the fast-moving ticketing space, email is a powerful tool. Email is naturally more captive and provides a direct link to patrons. Building that relationship requires the right tools to create, execute, and track email campaigns, according to the Shayla Smith, Digital Marketing Manager at the Indianapolis Indians, commented that,

“CrowdConnect is so easy to use. Building campaigns requires no prior coding experience. The backend of campaign building is user-friendly and has a great creative library with the ability to reuse hex codes.”

From custom fields to segmentation tools, there is so much opportunity with CrowdConnect to engage patrons with a cadence. All of which was not fully realized until the Indianapolis Indians, added CrowdConnectPlus.  According to Matt Guay, Assistant General Manager of Tickets and Operations “our biggest challenge is to integrate with ProVenue®.”

Now the Indianapolis Indians have the ability to tap into ProVenue patron information seamlessly. By directly synchronizing with ProVenue, CrowdConnectPlus removes the need to work in two systems, automates manual processes, and provides the Indianapolis Indians with key patron data points from ProVenue to optimize campaign performance. Since launching on CrowdConnectPlus, Smith state segmentation us improving and,

“Open rates and click rates are higher and people are buying things more readily.”

In the upcoming season, the Indianapolis Indians look forward to increasing use of A/B testing, building more if/when statements, increasing the number of advanced segments, and re-targeting.

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