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Knowledge Is Power! Highlights From Our Latest Releases is thrilled to introduce the many new features available in recent releases. ProVenue 3.8.00, ProVenueOnline 63.0, and MyProVenue 1.9 include exciting new enhancements and features, all designed to deliver an optimal user-experience! What are we most excited about? We’re glad you asked. The following are highlights of some of our favorite new features:


  • New Transaction Summary, Transaction Detail, and Transaction Export reports allow authorized users to report on a patron’s transactional history
  • ‘Recent Orders’ and ‘Recent Patrons’ popups, available from any screen in ProVenue provide convenient new ways to return to recently accessed patron accounts and orders
  • A Rollover to Single Event feature provides the ability to roll seats from an event or Package Event List to a single inventoried or non-inventoried target event
  • New Regional Control Groups provide the ability to restrict the sale of event and package tickets by geographic region
  • “View/Restore Barcodes” functionality allows a user to restore an inactive barcode to the current active barcode for one or more tickets
  • A new “Skip Navigation View” setting will now bypass the Navigation Map for single seat map venues
  • Users now have the ability to open a cash drawer either manually or automatically from ProVenue
  • Three new Portal Roles and enhanced Organization-based security offer new self-service capabilities for clients sharing a single ProVenue instance


  • Improvements in the selection and de-selection of events for Flex Package sales
  • Option to suppress seat and row designations for General Admission and Standing Room Only seats through MyTickets
  • New ‘greater than or equal’ setting for the number of seats replaced in a self-service exchange
  • Consign-Back offers, if unsold, automatically change from ‘pending’ to ‘expired’


  • Addition of new seat map selection features:
    • Full selection of seats from Seat Maps, allowing patrons to navigate to individual Seat Maps to select seats
    • For single seat map venues, patrons are directly taken to a Seat Map skipping the need to interact with a Navigation Map
    • The interactive Scalable Vector Graphics map behavior has been improved to better handle mouse-clicks in areas on the map where text labels are present
  • Display of service charges in the cart, confirmation screen, and confirmation emails is now entirely driven by self-service setup in ProVenue, including the ability to group charges by Service Charge Group
  • A new Public Section Code provides more flexibility in how a section is displayed/labeled
  • Ability to display promotions configured in ProVenueOnline on the Event List
  • Price range displays have been enhanced in the Filter Options to improve user experience
  • Ability to select different Event Lists for the same client system across multiple venues
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