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Mastercard’s New Guest Checkout Option Launches on’s Advanced Ticketing Technology Platforms has partnered with Mastercard® to integrate a faster, smarter and more seamless checkout technology into the innovative ProVenue® and MyProVenue® ticketing systems. 

Venues and their patrons can now use their Mastercard in the new password-free guest checkout option that lets you check out quickly in just a few clicks reducing the time spent manually entering account information.

How does it work? 

Built upon global payment industry standards, checkout with Mastercard is fast, simple and secure. Enrolling is easy, then making a purchase is even easier. Just look for this payment icon and simply click to pay.

  1. Enter your user ID
  2. Review your Mastercard payment and shipping information
  3. Confirm your purchase

Who does it help?

For participating venue partners, it is intended to deliver reduced shopping cart abandonment rates and creates a frictionless experience through a more efficient checkout solution. For patrons, it will optimize the overall experience with fewer steps and more payment choices. works with partners like Mastercard® that make it easy to experience everything.

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