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The Meaning Behind “Experience Is Everything”

It started in June 2015, when the new CEO Joe Choti said, it’s time to “disrupt the ticketing industry” to a crowd of 200+ participants from the ticketing industry at our annual ProVenue Exchange.

While this momentous occasion was purposed to connect, collaborate, and discover future technology trends, Choti desired an even more true exchange when he stated, “See these people. Get to know them. I want you to tell us the success you’ve had and the challenges you’ve had.”

Here Choti emphasized the importance of sharing experiences. This is where Team is goingputting our patrons’ desire to experience at the forefront of everything we do by ensuring the most advanced technological tools because it’s all about less waiting and more living.

This notion birthed the idea of “Experience is Everything” as it has the power to create great stories, amazing memories, and life-changing ideas.

Cheers to your next incredible experience!

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