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Navigation Map Design

In today’s competitive market you only get one chance to make a first impression on your audience. Don’t waste it.  From the start, inspire and excite them with a carefully designed and crafted purchase experience.

Here are some tips and tricks for creating the perfect navigation map for your ticket purchase flow.

If your venue is complex and large, 2D may be sufficient. However, larger venues may like the 3D view to show different seating tiers. This is for you to decide what works best for your venue to meet the expectations of your patrons.

Make a statement through the power of color! Use color to depict the character of your venue by including appropriate shades for background and detail areas.

Details, Details
Let us be super clear… Details are extremely important. Be sure to incorporate exits, sight restrictions, stairs, accessible seating, railings, section numbers or anything else the customer would need to know before purchasing their ticket. Make it easy for them to have an incredible experience.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly
We are living in a mobile first world.  Your Navigation Map will appear on desktop, tablet and mobile screens. Please make sure you design and save your files for the web with scalability in mind.

Some maps are “viewed” from above with all the elements laid out, while some use a stage or field view looking out toward the seats. You will need to decide what perspective works best for your patrons.

Technical Specs
File Type:                     PNG or SVG
File Dimensions:        1250×800 (minimum)
Background:                Transparent
Orientation:                 Horizontal
Save for:                       Web
DPI:                               72 Pixels/in

Standard and Pre-Rendered Navigation Maps

A Standard Navigation Map is composed of separate layers that are merged when the map is displayed. Some layers are defined as polygons within ProVenue – polygons that define your sections, price scales, and seat maps. A background layer and a foreground layer are created in the design program of your choice and imported as part of the overall design.

Quick Facts:

  • Works in ProVenue, ProVenueOnline, MyProVenue
  • All images need to be saved as transparent PNGs
  • All Assets are uploaded into ProVenue and polygons are created after venue images are uploaded.

A Pre-Rendered Navigation Map is one file that contains the base images and coordinates for all the various polygon shapes for sections, price scales, and seat maps. While these maps offer some advantages, they do not have the same flexibility offered in Standard Navigation Maps. For example, if a price scale configuration changes for an event and the arrangement of price scales needs to be altered, an entirely new Pre-Rendered Navigation Map would need to be created.

It is important to note that no matter how zoomed in your Pre-Rendered Map is, it will never pixelate and the quality of the map will not be compromised.

Quick Facts:

  • Works in MyProVenue
  • File is created in Illustrator and saved as a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG).

Whether your navigation map needs some tweaks or a complete redesign, we are here to help. Well-designed maps communicate a professional image for your organizations and most importantly, sell more tickets. Contact us to get started on yours:

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