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Background/previous employment: Before moving into IT I filled my days with running after-school activities for elementary school children in the Netherlands. After moving to the UK I have worked in various customer service roles, from credit card loyalty schemes to subscription management. My love for games and PC’s made moving into IT seem like the natural choice.

Years service at I started working at in the summer of 2014. In a very short time I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge of the system. I am very excited to now be able to share that knowledge

What I enjoy about being a trainer: I have always loved learning new things and passing my new found knowledge on. One of the things I enjoy most about training is finding new ways to look at different subjects. Training at lots of different venues with different personalities means that there will always be questions that make you look at the same subject a little differently. I love being kept on my toes.

Hobbies and interests: In my spare time I love gaming of every variety, be it board games, card games or PC gaming. I also like to keep busy with arts and crafts, like knitting and embroidery.

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