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Oakland A’s Finds Success Filling Seats Using Technology

To attract new buyers, the Oakland Athletics utilize fan-friendly ticket offers, such as value days and family packs. They have also added themed fireworks nights to their home game schedule to attract patrons who may not be die-hard baseball fans.

The A’s organization has taken full advantage of technology, ensuring a positive patron experience from ticket purchase to gate entry at the Oakland Alameda Coliseum. To cater to their on-the-go fan base, the Athletics were early adopters of mobile ticketing, allowing fans to buy tickets anytime and anywhere. The A’s have equipped fans with a variety of convenient ways to obtain the seats they want, including the ability to select seats directly from an interactive seat map and the ability to redeem vouchers online. The organization also continues to focus on digital delivery, which allows fans to use a mobile device to enter the ballpark.

After a ticket has been purchased, the Athletics utilize event reminder and alert emails to communicate pertinent information to fans, such as traffic advisories or event changes, to ensure ticket buyers have a smooth experience getting to the ballpark. The moment a patron enters the gates, the fans’s experience is taken to the next level by having mobile access to offers, such as seat upgrades, photos on the field, press box tours, and the opportunity to purchase game-used merchandise all through the Ballpark App.

The Oakland Athletics also utilize reporting tools to better understand their audience. David Adame, Director of Ticket Operations for the Athletics, stands behind the scenes but is at the forefront of enhancing fan experiences. David quotes, “As an organization, we strive to always create a memorable experience for the fans both digitally as well as in the ballpark. With the use of data analytics we have a better understanding of the driving force behind our ticket buyers making purchases. This information gives us the ability to create ticket offers that first time fans are more likely to take advantage of by specifically targeting buyers based on day of the week, price, opponent, special event or giveaway item.”

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