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3D Digital Venue™, a Certified Registered Developer

3D View from Seat Expands with® & 3D Digital Venue™ Seat Management Portal

Costa Mesa, CA –, through its Registered Developer Program, expanded its partnership with 3D Digital Venue™ to improve the season ticket holder and overall patron experience.

3D Digital has been a certified Registered Developer solution since 2018 and worked with the Texas Rangers™ to optimize the fan experience at Globe Life Field, they helped enhance the design for Globe Life Field as well as the online sales experience for patrons.  This year 3D Digital and expanded those offerings by introducing the Seat Management Portal.

Seat Relocation

The Seat Management Portal is a tool created by 3D Digital Venue that provides patrons the ability to manage their season ticket renewals, seat changes, upgrades, and plan changes.  The Seat Management Portal works with an API to ProVenue® (the comprehensive ticketing solution from, allowing season ticket holders to access their previous season seats, and decide whether they want to keep them, or relocate some and even all of them to another area of the stadium.  To make a better decision, the 360º view of the chosen locations visually displays what season ticket holders can expect this season.

3D Digital Venue

The 3D Digital Venue platform uses a 3D virtual reality representation of a venue, as well as a 360° view from each seat to improve the seat selection experience.   Starting with a bird’s eye view of the venue, the season ticket holders select the seating section and then the individual seat to examine the view to make an informed choice based on the view.

For more on 3D Digital Venue check out their website.

Read more on the Texas Rangers 3D Digital story.

About is a technology solutions provider focused on building premium live event experiences for clients and patrons. Established in 1995, has been the technology provider for over 1MM live events across the globe. Our team is dedicated to developing and delivering the most innovative and modern ticketing technology in the world. Through strategy, partnership, and innovation, is on a mission to disrupt the ticketing industry and provide the best live experiences.

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Boundary Devices & Unattended Kiosks and Contactless Entry

Costa Mesa, CA – July, 2020.  With increased safety and security in mind during the COVID pandemic, continues to bring together technology, products, and services to help our clients provide the best (and safest) experiences. has teamed up with Boundary Devices to offer kiosks and suite readers that enable self-service operation, enabling patrons to enter venues while maintaining a safe social distance from other patrons and venue staff.

Boundary Devices provides custom-made suite door readers and kiosks/pedestal turnstile hardware that pair with Alfred, the all-in-one access control/ticket validation solution from Boundary Devices use  Near Field Communications (NFC) technology which provides a frictionless and contactless ticket validation experience.  Pejman Kalkhoran, CEO at Boundary Devices commented,

“Together, Boundary Devices and are delivering an elevated fan experience by enabling venues with the latest in NFC technology.” 

Alfred, not only provides the ability to validate traditional barcodes, but also digital tickets and contactless tickets via the convenience of NFC. Alfred supports complex ticket validation rules such as entry/exit scanning, entry restrictions, timed admission, and controlled interior access to areas such as suites and clubs. 

Both kiosks/pedestal turnstiles and suite scanners are equipped with barcode readers and NFC sensors for capturing ticket data for validation.  Kiosks/pedestals can be unattended to provide enhanced safety to venue staff and patrons when following social distancing guidelines.   Kalkhoran continued on the benefits, “The introduction of our pedestal scanning solution allows quicker entry into the stadiums while simultaneously reducing personnel costs.  The devices are controlled remotely, providing venues with unparalleled access to the data at each device location.”

Self-service (unattended) entry kiosks are an opportunity to provide a means for ticket validation without the need for interaction with a nearby attendant.  “Our integration with Alfred is a game-changing feature which has resulted in superior performance and improved integration with the ProVenue backend.” offers a complete and comprehensive, end-to-end technology solution for social distance seating including:

  • Flexible Seating Configuration – set up venue seating based on general admission configurations (seating by zones), reserved seating configurations, or a hybrid of the two approaches, depending on your venue needs.
  • Easy Event Management – successfully and easily configure events for social distance seating using hold codes, extended seat definitions, and more options available in ProVenue.  
  • Self-Service Ticket Management – patrons can use MyProVenue to manage their digital and contactless tickets before, or even at an event. Patrons can forward tickets to friends, relocate to a different seat, exchange for seats in a different event, and more while adhering to social distance guidelines.  
  • Patron Communication – customizable text in MyProVenue and configurable onsite messaging combine with your website details and marketing to provide your patrons with all the information they need to purchase socially distanced seats and enter your venue safely.   
  • Contactless Venue Entry –  (with Boundary Devices) unattended kiosks, along with devices configured with our Alfred access control solution and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology provide patrons with contactless entry into your venue. Contactless scanning devices include pedestals, door/suite readers, and a variety of hand-held scanners.  Plus, the technology built into MyProVenue allows you to display a barcode in strategic areas of your venue which can be scanned by a patron’s mobile device for a contactless walk-up ticket purchase. 


Boundary Devices is a technology provider in suite and pedestal access control solutions. Boundary Devices offers innovative solutions to control door access to luxury suites and the like. Headquartered in Lake Forest, CA, Boundary Devices designs and manufactures their suite scanners in the USA to support fast turnaround time withhigh quality. In addition, customization options are available to tailor the hardware and software for the specific needs of each venue.

Learn more about Boundary Devices at:

Learn more about our software and services at

Learn more about the Registered Developer Program at:

If you are interested in becoming a client, please contact us at

StellarAlgo and the Registered Developer Program

StellarAlgo joined the Registered Developer Program (RDP) two years ago and has garnered impressive successes in that time. The information available through the RDP complements the innovative Customer Data Platform from StellarAlgo, which helps professional sports and entertainment organizations better understand their fans in order to maximize engagement and revenue.

StellarAlgo’s best-in-class platform allows partners to collate unique data sets into a single customer view to better segment and understand their audiences. From there, the platform predicts patrons’ likelihood to engage with different products and messaging while unlocking valuable insights into patron preferences which partners can action immediately. Making data accessible, timely, and actionable helps their partners get the right marketing message to the right fans at the right time.

Regarding the program and the benefits for StellarAlgo, Vincent Ircandia, Founder and CEO at StellarAlgo explained: “We have created a great partnership with and access to the well-structured data sets and API’s has made our developers’ lives a lot easier.

“The rich data that is provided by ProVenue excites us since our mutual customers are all looking to predict fan behavior. We can develop the data sets to provide predictive fan insights, enabling the venues and organizations to reach a bigger target audience.”

StellarAlgo applied to join the Registered Developer Program for a number of reasons, including the advanced technology solutions provided by, and the clients works with.

Vincent continued:

“ has such as broad array of sports and entertainment properties, and has been doing a great job in those sectors that we also have a vested interest in. So the collaboration made complete sense.  We see what we’re doing as ‘data for good’, and this aligns well with the mission to help grow fan relationships and offer great experiences at venues across the country by understanding audiences better.”

The Registered Developer Program allows verified third-party solutions to seamlessly integrate with the ProVenue® ticketing platform, providing partner venues with limitless access to the most advanced ticketing technology. By utilizing the technology infrastructure as the foundation, the program unites venue personnel, third-party developers and ProVenue experts in collaboration to build reimagined experiences and unsurpassed value to patrons.

Chris Farrar, Director, Product & Partner Management at commented:

“Our work with the StellarAlgo platform has seen our customers improve their engagement with patrons, and is really becoming a key differentiator in growing a dedicated following or fan base.”

To find out more about the Registered Developer Program please contact or click here for more information.® and 3D Digital Venue Bring ‘3D View from Seat’ to Globe Life Field

Globe Life Field, the new home to the Texas Rangers™ beginning in 2020, has been optimized to improve the experience of season ticket holders using 3D technology., through its innovative Registered Developer Program, has partnered with 3D Digital Venue™ to bring 3D design technology to the online sales experience for the Rangers.  

At inception, Globe Life Field was designed with aspirations to be a state-of-the-art venue for Rangers fans and Major League Baseball.  3D Digital Venue worked on this ambitious endeavor using architectural 3D modeling and virtual reality to create the ideal construction plan for the team’s new ballpark.  As part of an overall commitment to utilize advanced technologies, 3D visualization was utilized to resolve potential issues with restricted seat views and undetected design spots, allowing the Rangers to perfect seat positioning at an early stage of development. 

3D Digital Venue uses technology to analyze and understand an accurate seat view.  This technology improved the design for Globe Life Field by adjusting the seat placement for season ticket holders in order to maximize views and enhance the overall experience. and 3D Digital Venue have partnered to apply this 3D design technology to ticketing, optimizing the experience for patrons purchasing tickets online via the MyProVenue interface.

The 3D Digital Venue platform uses video-game engines to generate a 3D virtual reality representation of a venue, as well as a 360° view from each seat.  The seat selection journey starts with a bird’s eye view of the venue, where the user is able to pick a seating section. Once a section is selected, MyProVenue displays seat tiles containing pricing details, as well as an icon for displaying a 3D view from the selected seat. The 360° seat view provides venues with increased visibility of the property, the ability to sell premium areas and provide powerful information to share with performers. 

3D Digital Venue is a member of the Registered Developer Program.  “Through the support within Registered Development Program at,” explains Lluis Pascual, CMO at 3D Digital Venue™, “we have solved issues and are delivering the best experience possible.”

The Registered Developer Program at benefits both venues and third-party solution providers. Developers access the tools necessary to seamlessly integrate their technology with the ProVenue® platform. The program’s REST-based APIs provide partners with real-time access to critical data, helping them continuously innovate ticketing solutions.

Pascual added that client relations have improved as well.

“Being part of the Registered Developer Program has helped us to have a deeper understanding of client needs and have a strong relationship with them.”

Globe Life Field is expected to open for the 2020 season. 
To learn more about the new Texas Rangers or Globe Life Field, visit

To learn more about 3D Digital Venue™, visit and view the 3D Digital Venue Service Guide.

To learn more about how is transforming the future of ticketing through the Registered Development Program, visit Adds Another Innovative Solution with Google Pay Mobile Ticketing Integration

Driven by a foundational commitment to bring the most advanced and convenient technologies to its global clients and their customers, today announced it has fully integrated with Google Pay. The integration works as a unified solution to pay for tickets and easily store passes in the Google Pay wallet, making digital payment transactions seamless and hassle-free.

Checkout is a simple click of the button and patrons choose how to pay within their Google Pay digital wallet, login and enter secure payment with Google Pay.

The first venue to take advantage of this innovative digital payment experience with Google Pay was The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, an award-winning facility in Connecticut. Additional partner venues will be integrating payment and passes on Google Pay into their patron experiences.

Through this latest expansion of mobile ticketing options, will offer the millions of patrons attending live events across its partner venues the benefits of Google Pay through integration with MyProVenue and MyTickets – the consumer-facing technology for managing inventory and account details.

MyTickets account holders can manage their tickets, add them to Google Pay, and enter participating venues more easily than ever before. A secure digital wallet and online payment platform, Google Pay makes it simple to pay merchants, store and retrieve event tickets and boarding passes, send money, or cash in on rewards.

Google Pay’s integration into the technology ecosystem continues to make the entire consumer journey easier and more convenient for fans to plan and enjoy their visits to live events. Included in those key functionalities are: 

MyProVenue & MyTickets
MyProVenue is an exemplary user experience for patrons purchasing tickets (from an interactive seat map or using best-available seat selection) and managing account preferences, all within a secure, responsive framework that performs beautifully and looks stunning on any device.  The added Google Pay capabilities eliminate any friction when making a ticketing purchase.

MyProVenue and MyTickets together empower patrons to manage their own ticket inventory through an intuitive control center accessible on any device–including their personal mobile phone. Patrons can view, forward, exchange, renew and now save their ticket passes to Google Pay all in one portal.

A new advancement in venue access control, Alfred streamlines the ticket validation process for patrons and venue staff by providing a frictionless venue entry experience. In addition to scanning barcodes on mobile and paper tickets, patrons at Alfred-powered venues with digital tickets stored on Google Pay-enabled smart devices can simply tap on their mobile device near the entry scanners for instant ticket validation and venue entry. 


About is a leading provider of fully integrated event ticketing solutions and services for thousands of top arts, entertainment, and sports organizations worldwide. Delivering the latest in ticketing technology, offers the advanced ProVenue® ticketing platform, which serves the core of a comprehensive suite of integrated features, products, and services that help clients enhance ticket sales, marketing efforts, and overall customer experience. is headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, and has regional offices across the U.S. and internationally in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia.

Lyte Partners With

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ –Lyte, a San Francisco-based ticketing technology platform, announced today that it has partnered with and is now a certified solution for partner venues.

This certification means Lyte will have the opportunity to work with’s global client base who can utilize its technology platform to power ticket returns and official waitlists. By partnering with Lyte, participating venue clients can seamlessly launch an online exchange where the integration will help more people safely and securely attend some of the best and most sought-after live events around the world.

“We are thrilled to have been certified by to provide Lyte’s state-of-the art services and platforms to its venue clients,” said Lyte founder and CEO Ant Taylor.

“Official waitlists and secure return opportunities provide benefits throughout the entire consumer experience journey that is a win-win for venues and patrons alike.”

Lyte offers customers who were unable to purchase primary market tickets the opportunity to buy tickets returned by original purchasers who ultimately can’t go. Customers seeking tickets may join an event’s official waitlist. At the same time, customers whose plans have changed may securely return their purchased tickets on

Both the customers seeking and those returning tickets receive a fair market offer for the tickets. Lyte’s ticketing partners, including participating’s venue clients, then issue new valid tickets with new barcodes to the next customer on the official waitlist. The process is secure and entirely automated. Lyte makes buying in-demand tickets safe, legitimate and simple.

Sold out events listed on the Lyte exchange statistically see lower no-show rates, higher merchandise and food sales and zero fraudulent tickets at the door. Lyte’s partners have access to crucial post-sellout and waitlist demand data. That data can be used to evaluate an event’s success, build consumer databases and make changes if necessary.

“We work with great partners like Lyte to provide our venue clients with reliable, and certified, solutions to build from the platform and deliver excellence in customer service,” said Chris Farrar, Director, Product and Partner Management, “We’re very pleased to offer Lyte’s platform to our venue clients.”

About Lyte
Lyte makes it easier for fans to go to more live events. Founded in New York City and San Francisco by CEO Ant Taylor, our killer fan feature is returnability. In an industry where a “no refunds and no cancellations” policy is the standard, Lyte enables fans to return their event tickets, no questions asked, to the official point of purchase. Lyte also provides a safe and official reservation booking system, offering fans who sign up a fair price for in-demand tickets. One hundred percent of the tickets bought and sold through Lyte are issued through our ticketing partners and delivered directly to fans. Lyte has delivered millions in fan savings — $1.8 million in 2018 alone. It’s only getting better from here, thanks to our growing partnerships with bands, venues, promoters, ticketers and festivals.

For the industry, we function as a full inventory management solution, including a private-label secondary market to optimize event yield for event producers. Visit

About is a leading provider of fully integrated event ticketing solutions and services for thousands of top arts, entertainment, and sports organisations worldwide. Delivering the latest in ticketing technology, offers the advanced ProVenue® ticketing platform, which serves the core of a comprehensive suite of integrated features, products, and services that help clients enhance ticket sales, marketing efforts, and overall customer experience. is headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, and has regional offices across the U.S. and internationally in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia.

To learn more about how is transforming the future of ticketing, visit

Mastercard’s New Guest Checkout Option Launches on’s Advanced Ticketing Technology Platforms has partnered with Mastercard® to integrate a faster, smarter and more seamless checkout technology into the innovative ProVenue® and MyProVenue® ticketing systems. 

Venues and their patrons can now use their Mastercard in the new password-free guest checkout option that lets you check out quickly in just a few clicks reducing the time spent manually entering account information.

How does it work? 

Built upon global payment industry standards, checkout with Mastercard is fast, simple and secure. Enrolling is easy, then making a purchase is even easier. Just look for this payment icon and simply click to pay.

  1. Enter your user ID
  2. Review your Mastercard payment and shipping information
  3. Confirm your purchase

Who does it help?

For participating venue partners, it is intended to deliver reduced shopping cart abandonment rates and creates a frictionless experience through a more efficient checkout solution. For patrons, it will optimize the overall experience with fewer steps and more payment choices. works with partners like Mastercard® that make it easy to experience everything.

SplitSeasonTickets Joins the Ranks of Certified Solutions

SplitSeasonTickets, a California-based ticketing solutions company, has been Certified to use the ProVenue platform where it joins a select group of ticketing technology platforms. As a Certified Solution, SplitSeasonTickets may collaborate with venue clients to further build powerful consumer experiences for attending their live events.

Historically, fans not necessarily interested in full season packages had to utilize a common workaround whereby a group of fans would collectively purchase a full season package and then devise their own means to fairly distribute the tickets between each of the group’s buyers.

Dan Bartlett, founder of SplitSeasonTickets and a San Francisco Giants season ticket holder himself, decided to streamline ticket distribution for collective buyers.

Bartlett realized that, “year after year it was a hassle to figure out who gets which game.” With that in mind Bartlett created a software program that shares tickets electronically and without the need for manual distribution.

The SplitSeasonTickets solution groups season ticket holders with other participants in their collective, known as ‘Share Partners.’ The solution makes it easier to manage partners and tickets where tickets can be assigned/forwarded throughout the season or by using a fantasy style draft before the first game.

A fantasy style draft option according to Bartlett, allows all Share Partners to “select the games that best match their priorities.” In addition to providing a method to share tickets within a fan collective, SplitSeasonTickets helps season tickets holders find new Share Partners through a broader marketplace feature.

Understanding the value this software would bring to teams, Bartlett noted,

“over time season ticket holders lose partners for various reasons. Adding in a Partner Matching capability was the next logical step. Helping these accounts find new partners is helping these accounts renew.”

The new feature allows season ticket holders to reach beyond their friends and families to identify potential new Share Partners through the program and it gives sales representatives a viable option to help troubled accounts renew.

Teams across professional sports, such as the Giants, have benefitted from the SplitSeasonTickets solution for years. Encouraged by the success of the technology, Bartlett’s organization decided to broaden its reach by initially becoming a member of the ProVenue® Registered Developer Program and now achieving the status of a Certified Solution.

“Our goal is to be a partner in a team’s ticket sales renewal strategy and a key support tool for sales staff and season ticket holders. The integration with supercharges our platform and will help additional clubs offer the technology to their fans,” Bartlett stated.

Russ Stanley, Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales & Services for the Giants stated, “With SplitSeasonTickets, we have an automated draft system and thanks to the integration, it is so much more powerful because it’s all electronic.”

The innovative solution creates additional opportunities for single ticket sales explains Stanley, “If there’s a particular game that fans in a partnership didn’t get because one person got it and the other four people didn’t, we can now market to those people and say ‘hey, saw that you didn’t get this game against the Dodgers, if you want it, we’ll sell it to you.’ There are many opportunities in SplitSeasonTickets data for marketing single ticket sales.” Looking at what games are requested the most gives us data points for marketing, primary/secondary demand and single game pricing.

Chris Farrar, Director of Product and Partner Management for explained:

“SplitSeasonTickets offers something unique to our clients and their season ticket bases. We know it will help a wider network of fans experience live events as teams will be able to make the sharing of season tickets less manual and premier events much more accessible.”

Discover the ProVenue experience by learning more about how is transforming the future of ticketing with ProVenue and the Registered Developer Program. and PayPal Expand Partnership

In addition to offering PayPal® as a payment option for event tickets, clients can now promote the use of PayPal® and PayPal Credit® for renewals—new payment options for MyTickets account holders.

A proud partner of, PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors in the world. Their e-commerce services are easy for clients of any size to implement. For patrons, selecting or creating a PayPal account during a transaction is straightforward and painless.

PayPal inserts a layer of security between the merchant and the PayPal account’s funding source—the patron’s credit card, bank account, or a resident account balance (funds digitally transferred to the account from a friend or family member, for example).

PayPal Credit is a digital credit line that combines the benefits of PayPal security with the convenience of ‘buy now, pay later’ financing. Applying for PayPal Credit is quick and easy for patrons, and can be accomplished without interrupting an in-progress transaction. clients can expand the choices available to their patrons by offering the PayPal Credit option alongside the fixed-installment payment plans set up in ProVenue. Choosing PayPal Credit provides the client with a new way to collect full payment at the time of purchase while freeing the patron to repay the amount over time per their PayPal Credit payment schedule.

PayPal and MyTickets™ – How Does It Work?

The client’s transactional webpages (powered by ProVenueOnline®) and account management pages (MyTickets) allow the patron to start a ticket purchase or renewal, access PayPal, and complete the transaction in one seamless experience.

When the patron chooses a PayPal payment option, in just a few clicks the patron logs into or creates a PayPal account, and can also apply for PayPal Credit.

Once the patron has completed the transaction, the client’s Confirmation page and Confirmation email identify “PayPal” as the method of payment. PayPal handles all payment disputes, inquiries, and questions directly with the patron.

The new PayPal features deliver tremendous value to both clients and patrons. For more information about technology or how to implement PayPal payment options, please contact


Registered Developer Program: successes from around the world

This month we’d like to highlight our incredible Registered Developer Program members who are based around the globe.

New Image Systems

New Image is a web development shop based in Berlin, Germany. Working with Semperoper in Dresden, they launched a fully integrated ticket sales website in early 2016 using the ProVenue® DirectConnect APIs. All ticket sales occur directly on the client’s own website without redirecting to ProVenueOnline™. Using the New Image solution, patrons can choose from best available or select individual seats, as well as purchase programmes and other items in advance.

Soap Media

Another entry in the website development space, this UK-based development house provides the web sales front-end for the Rheged Centre in Cumbria. Patrons never leave the client’s website. Information about ticketed events is presented side-by-side with food, shopping, and other entertainment options.

Fortress GB

One of our earliest API adopters, Fortress’s platform provides loyalty, access control, and stored value functionality for arenas and stadiums. While based overseas, they began working with & the Washington Nationals in 2011. Since then they’ve expanded to support ProVenue® clients both in the US and UK. In addition to RFID member cards, loyalty programme members can access their profile and barcoded ID via’s Ballpark mobile app.


As the name implies, if you’re into winter sports, you may be familiar with Austrian based SkiData. That said, their products go well beyond just ski resorts, and include car parks, museums and football stadiums (or soccer for those of us state-side). Their first foray into the RDP came just last year, providing integrated loyalty services for the One Buffalo app used by the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres along with other regional sports teams.

For information about these and other Registered Developers please email or reach out to your main contact.

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