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Registered Developer Program International Integrators

This month we’d like to highlight our incredible Registered Developer Program members who are based around the globe.

New Image Systems

New Image is a web development shop based in Berlin, Germany. Working with Semperoper in Dresden, they launched a fully integrated ticket sales website in early 2016 using the ProVenue DirectConnect APIs. All ticket sales occur directly on the client’s own website without redirecting to ProVenueOnline. Using the New Image solution, patrons can choose from best available or select individual seats, as well as purchase programs and other items in advance.


Soap Media

Another entry in the website development space, this UK based development house provides the web sales front end for the Rheged Centre in Cumbria.  Patrons never leave the client’s website. Information about ticketed events is presented side by side with food, shopping, and other entertainment options.


Fortress GB

One of our earliest API adopters, Fortress’s platform provides loyalty, access control, and stored value functionality for arenas and stadiums. While based overseas, they began working with & the Washington Nationals in 2011. Since then they’ve expanded to support ProVenue clients both in the US and UK. In addition to RFID member cards, loyalty program members can access their profile and barcoded ID via’s Ballpark mobile app.



As the name implies, if you’re into winter sports, you may be familiar with Austrian based SkiData. That said, their products go well beyond just ski resorts, and include car parks, museums and football stadiums (or Soccer for those of us state-side). Their first foray into the RDP came just last year, providing integrated loyalty services for the One Buffalo app used by the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres along with other regional sports teams.


Are you interested in learning more or becoming a member of the Registered Developer Program? Contact us!

Registered Developer Program Enables Delivery of New Ticket Availability Application at the Smithsonian

In an extension to the longstanding partnership between and Smithsonian Enterprises, a non-profit division of museum operator the Smithsonian Institution, the organization has become the latest client to benefit from’s Registered Developer Program (RDP).

With over 30 million visits every year, the Smithsonian’s group of museums and galleries remain among the most visited museum in the world.

While admission to the Institution’s museums is typically free of charge, certain venues, events and exhibits include paid admission which has been ticketed by since 2002.

It was the launch of the latest exhibition by world famous Japanese artist and writer Yayoi Kusama that prompted not only a system upgrade from ProVenueMax™ to ProVenue®, but also the roll-out of the Registered Developer Program for the first time at one of the organization’s venues.

By providing access to a variety of data services, the RDP integration allows clients to tap into the knowledge, expertise and experience of innovative technologies to deliver value driven solutions.

By engaging with the RDP, the Smithsonian wanted to integrate a solution that displayed event availability times to walk-up guests visiting its landmark Kusama exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum.

With high demand expected and only a limited number of walk-up passes available, the Smithsonian built an application utilizing REST Application Program Interface (APIs) to manage walk-up traffic and ensure visitors were provided with accurate, real-time ticket availability.

As a popular venue with multiple exhibitions, collections and programs in place at any one time, it was vital that the application operated efficiently, with minimal manual input required from Hirshhorn staff. This was seamlessly achieved utilizing enterprise APIs.

The application utilizes event and availibity data to display the time availability which is checked in real-time against pre-set quotas. When all time entry time availabilities have expired and/or all passes are sold out the application displays an updated message on the screen. This solution ensures visitors are provided with up-to-date information the minute they arrive at the exhibit.

“The Registered Developer Program allowed us to share information from ProVenue in real-time to our patrons” said Tammy Enright, Ticketing Systems Manager at Smithsonian Enterprises. “With lines of visitors wrapping around the Hirshhorn Museum each day, waiting to get day-of walkup passes, this API was a valuable communications tool for both the public planning their day and the museum staff managing the exhibit.”

“Our work with the Smithsonian is a fantastic example of the true benefits that the Registered Developer Program can bring to an organization” said Joe Choti, President and CEO of “Through the Registered Developer Program, clients can access a broader range of solutions that can be delivered by best of breed technologies.  Th extension of our ProVenue Platform provides endless and exciting opportunities for our clients and their patrons.”

The application has been in use since the Kusama exhibit opened at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum in February 2017.

Find out more about how your venue can benefit from the RDP

Attend this year’s ProVenue Exchange conference to learn more about the RDP, as well as tips for selecting, working with, and enabling integrations. You’ll also get to hear directly from RDP members about the new and exciting solutions they can offer.

For a list of current program members and Certified Solutions, or to learn more about developing your own solutions, please contact the team at

Introducing the Registered Developer Program

Integrating ProVenue with innovative industry-wide solutions – even if we didn’t build them

If you’ve been a client for a while, you’re probably familiar with our different acronyms, ‘TDC’ for, or ‘PV’ for ProVenue for example. Well here’s a new one for you – RDP. Short for the Registered Developer Program, it’s something that you may have read or heard, but one that you’re probably less familiar with. And this is something we’re working hard to change.

At, we’re industry-leading in what we do, but we don’t pretend to be experts at everything. That’s where the RDP comes in. The Program allows you to tap into the knowledge, expertise, and experience of innovative solutions industry-wide, making your venue’s digital capabilities virtually limitless.

How The RDP Works

The RDP provides access to a variety of data services that allow our clients or third party solution providers to integrate with the ProVenue platform. Tapping into these data services allows your in-house or affiliated developers to create solutions not otherwise available from access control, CRM, dynamic pricing, group ticketing, display boards – the possibilities are endless.

Using our APIs, data feeds, replication and other services allow Registered Developers to sell tickets, engage with patrons, and provide new insights. As an integrated application, actions are taken outside of the system appear as if they occurred directly within ProVenue. Through ProVenue permissions, you retain control over the features and inventory available to the application.

Meeting Our Standards

We care about the integrity of our clients and our platform, which is why Registered Developer technologies are thoroughly tested by our team before they are given the ProVenue Certified Solution badge. The Certified Solution badge guarantees that the technology seamlessly integrates into the ProVenue platform and only those that meet our standards are granted this designation.

Find Out More

Attend this year’s ProVenue Exchange conference to learn more about the RDP, as well as tips for selecting, working with, and enabling integrations. You’ll also get to hear directly from RDP members about the new and exciting solutions they can offer.

For a list of current program members and Certified Solutions, or to learn more about developing your solutions, please contact the team at

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