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Introducing Alfred became the first technology company to bring the convenience of Near Field Communication (NFC) via Apple Wallet to the ticketing market with the debut of its innovative new platform, Alfred. The Oakland Athletics, in collaboration with Apple and Infinite Peripherals, were the first partner to publicly utilize the technology during a six-game pilot in September that provided fans the opportunity to enter the Oakland Coliseum by tapping their iPhone or Apple Watch to an Alfred-powered scanner. With the subsequent release of the iPhone X, Alfred will also be able to utilize the device’s revolutionary facial recognition to enable a fan’s ticket for entry into an Alfred-supported venue. The Athletics pilot was an important step forward for secure mobile ticketing as it marked the first time a professional sports event supported contactless tickets in Apple Wallet.

SPA Houston, the largest nonprofit Performing Arts organization of its kind in the entire southwest, has also gone live with Alfred. The organization chose Alfred because it is both cost-effective and easy to use.

Lee Strickland, General Manager of SPA Houston quotes, “We work in venues and parks in various locations throughout the city, and Alfred gave us the complete coverage we needed. The ease of use and the reliability of the system has been an amazing upgrade to what we had before.”

“ remains focused on technological innovation for our partners’ customers,” says Joe Choti, President and Chief Executive Officer of “Alfred has evolved digital ticketing and Access Control to new levels, making it frictionless, fun, engaging, and flawless.”

Teaming up with partners Infinite Peripherals and Apple, Alfred was built to be lightweight, user-friendly, and adaptable to future technologies. NFC is more secure than traditional Access Control systems, allowing patrons a smooth and stress-free entry into their favorite live events. Chief Technology Officer, Derek Argobright states, “With Alfred, no barcodes are needed. We simply have the patron come to the venue entryway and authenticate from their personal device. Alfred instantly reads the NFC enabled pass and provides verified access for entry, making the process seamless and easy for both the patron and venue personnel.”

Argobright continued, “We have the ability to build out Alfred to be an entire end-to-end ticketing system. Whether it be reporting, ticket sales, or ticket services, all will be possible with the future of Alfred.”

Near Field Communication support for event entry is just the beginning for Alfred. This one-of-a-kind platform was built to both leverage present technologies and adapt and evolve to the future of live event technology with additional features and functionalities coming soon.

Buyer Type Capacity Control With ProVenue®

Within ProVenue® there is the functionality to allow venues to apply a cap on the number of tickets that are sold against any buyer type.

This is useful if a limited number of tickets can be sold at a reduced rate as part of an early bird or promotional offer. Once the desired number of tickets are sold then the system will no longer offer the price to the customer in the ticket office or online.

The limit on the number of tickets is set at an event level in the Event Administration part of the system. To access this, the user will need to go to the particular event that they would like the limit on.

In the Event Administration screen, select the Capacity Control tab:

In the Capacity Control screen you can then choose which buyer type you need to set the limit on:

From here – with the Buyer Type selected – you will then need to select the number of tickets and what the limit type is:

Soft Limit means that when the sales get towards the limit it will only stop sales on the transaction that takes it over the pre-set limit. In the above example, if 49 tickets are sold at the offer price and a customer wants to purchase 2 more to take the total sold to 51, they will be able to make the purchase. At this point the system will no longer offer the promotion buyer type.

Hard Limit means that the system will not allow the quantity sold to exceed the limit. In the above example, if 49 tickets are sold and a customer tries to purchase 2 further tickets, it will advise that the system cannot grant the customer the tickets. If the customer selects 1 then it will allow the transaction to go through, taking the final number of tickets sold to 50 and stopping the promotional buyer type offer.

Once the limit has been applied the system will keep track of the number of tickets sold against the promotional buyer type. At any point a system administrator can either increase or decrease the limit.

For further information about this feature please do not hesitate to contact the support team: Support Team
1-800-899-1036  |, the MK Dons, and Young Carers MK Give Two ‘Young Carers’ an Unforgettable Fan Experience has partnered with Young Carers MK to give two special MK Dons fans the perfect fan day experience.

The project was part of the T.Cares program, a global initiative launched by to support local community efforts by arranging remarkable experiences for deserving individuals.

The subject of this latest campaign was Young Carers MK, a charity local to the UK offices in Milton Keynes which supports over 650 children and young people aged 8-19 years old. The initiative helps those who care for a family member with a physical or mental illness, disability or drug and alcohol dependency, and provides young carers with one-to-one support, specialist group work, targeted activities, information, advice and guidance, school support, and someone to talk to who understands.

After researching the charity, became aware of a story about Ben and Valmik, two young individuals who arranged a dog walk and school fancy dress day to raise money for Young Carers MK and Willen Hospice, a local charity that looks after patients with a terminal illness.

“We were inspired by Ben and Valmik’s generosity and passion for supporting the charities,” said Natalie Jones, internal sales manager at

“Like so many other young carers, Ben and Valmik have a lot more to deal with than most people their age, and we felt that they were very deserving of a break from their day-to-day responsibilities. When we found out they were both big MK Dons fans, we couldn’t wait to speak to the club and arrange a day that we knew they wouldn’t forget!”

In partnership with longstanding client MK Dons Football Club, the team set about arranging a VIP experience for Ben and Valmik.

The two young fans were invited to attend last month’s match against Northampton Town and, before kick-off, were taken on a stadium tour by Izale McLeod, MK Dons’ all-time leading goal scorer.

As the stadium filled, the boys enjoyed a three-course meal in the Dons’ hospitality suite before visiting the home changing room to wish the team good luck. They then headed out pitch-side for photos with the team captains and referees.

Speaking after the event, Young Carers MK Team Coordinator Debbie Norton said, “We would like to say a huge thank you to for offering Ben and Valmik the opportunity to spend the afternoon as VIPs, and also a massive thank you to the MK Dons team.

“It means so much to young carers to be able to get out and enjoy themselves, as often they are reluctant to leave the person they care for. Young carers can become isolated and miss out on valuable childhood experiences, so this was a wonderful opportunity.”

Valmik said: “This was a fantastic experience that will stay with me forever. From seeing the club’s all-time scorer Izale Mcleod to sitting just a few seats away from chairman Pete Winkelman, it was a truly memorable day.”

Ben also said: “Valmik and I were over the moon when we found out about the hospitality experience at MK Dons, and wow, what an experience! I would like to thank everyone at and MK Dons for providing us with this opportunity.”

Speaking for all employees and the T.Cares program, Natalie Jones concluded: “The work that Young Carers MK does for young people like Ben and Valmik is fantastic and we were honored to work with them on this project. The boys had a great day, and we’d like to extend our gratitude to MK Dons for their hospitality and support in making the experience so special.”

For more information about Young Carers MK, visit

For more information about T.Cares and to find out how your charity or project could get involved, visit

University of Delaware’s Resident Ensemble Players Migrate to ProVenue is proud to announce its extended partnership with the University of Delaware’s Resident Ensemble Players (REP). The theater has signed a multi-year renewal which will see continue as the official ticketing provider, which will be migrating from ProVenueMax to the ProVenue platform.

Resident Ensemble Players is located at the University of Delaware’s Roselle Center for the Arts, an outstanding educational facility which serves as a focal point of the University’s performing arts community. Two theaters, the Wilhelmina Press Thompson Theatre & the Studio Theatre, provide opportunities to attend exhilarating theatre for the local community, which, over the years, has included productions of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird and William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

The migration to ProVenue will see Resident Ensemble Players utilizing a number of advanced features including Access Control, which will allow the theatre to digitally scan patrons’ tickets for faster entry, and MyProVenue,’s next-generation web application which optimizes customers’ mobile ticketing experience.

Commenting on the contract renewal with, REP’s Nadine Howatt,

Director of Marketing and Communications said: “ProVenue allows us not only to sell tickets in a simple and quick way but also helps us to monitor sales and attendances of our performances more accurately than we ever have done before.”


For more information on Resident Ensemble Players, please visit

To learn more about the ProVenue platform, please contact us!

Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival / Merry-Go-Round Playhouse Renews Contract with

The Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival / Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, Inc. has renewed its partnership with which will see the venue migrate across to the ProVenue ticketing platform.

Headquartered in Auburn, NY, the Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival is a dynamic arts organization committed to creating theatrical experiences at the highest levels of artistic integrity. It leverages the power of the arts as a tool for entertainment, education, social awareness and cultural development in its community and the region. The Festival is situated in the picturesque Finger Lakes wine region of Central New York. The Festival will celebrate its 60th Anniversary with a knockout 2018 Season that includes Mamma Mia!, Anne of Green Gables, Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn, Murder For Two, Beehive and The PiTCH.

As a part of its renewal, the Festival will migrate across from ProVenueMax to the ProVenue ticketing platform. This allows the venue to utilize’s most advanced technology, including subscription and package flexibility, mobile tools, and MyTickets, the account management platform where visitors can manage all aspects of their bookings within the user-friendly ProVenue interface.

Lynnette Lee, Managing Director of the Festival, said of the transition, “We’re excited to extend our partnership with, and we’re looking forward to implementing some of the more advanced features offered by ProVenue, which will provide a more seamless ticketing process for our patrons.  Next year we will see a number of fantastic productions grace our stage, so having this new system in place will support us in managing the anticipated demand for tickets and deliver an improved overall experience for our patrons.” 

For more information about the Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival’s 60th Anniversary Season, please visit

To learn more about the ProVenue platform, please contact us!

T.Cares Teams Up With The Phillies To Host Memorable Day For Special Olympics Athletes

At we are always striving to deliver lifelong memories and experiences for patrons, and our latest T.Cares event with the Special Olympics and MLB’s Philadelphia Phillies did just that.

The Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities, with more than 4.9 million athletes in 172 countries, and over one million volunteers. It aims to help people with intellectual disabilities discover new strengths and abilities, skills and success, through the power of sport.

Working with Special Olympics New Jersey’s Head Baseball Coach Tony Vlahovic and Volunteer Director Amy Simmons, teamed up with the Philadelphia Phillies to host a day that four chosen athletes wouldn’t forget.

The Special Olympics representatives were invited to the Phillies’ home game against Miami Marlins in September and were greeted with a personalized welcome on the big screens as they arrived at Citizen Bank Park.

After being presented with a Phillies welcome bag, the athletes headed down onto the field to watch batting practice, where they were met by Phillies first baseman Tommy Joseph and first base coach Mickey Morandini, who were more than thrilled to take photos with the Special Olympic athletes and sign autographs.

The athletes also presented Tommy and Mickey with gifts of their own; specially designed Special Olympics t-shirts, which both Mickey and Tommy wore throughout the rest of batting practice.

The athletes even got the chance to meet a member of the opposing team, Miami Marlins’ third baseman Derek Dietrich, before heading into the Media Room to meet local broadcaster Tom McCarthy and field questions for themselves from Phillies staff members.

In what was a closely fought game, the Phillies came out on top claiming a thrilling victory and coming from behind to win 8-9, capping off a memorable day for all involved.

For Bucky Heath, Head of Marketing at, it was also a day to remember: “The goal of any T.Cares project is to provide great memories for all those involved, and the athletes didn’t stop smiling the whole time! The Special Olympics has been doing outstanding work for many years, and it was a pleasure to work with Tony & Amy to provide these young athletes with a memorable experience. I also want to thank the Philadelphia Phillies, Miami Marlins and everyone at Citizen Bank Park who helped make the day so special.”

“These types of events create a once-in-a-lifetime experience and exposure for all Special Olympic athletes and the overall experience with the Phillies was amazing,” said Special Olympics New Jersey’s Head Baseball Coach, Tony Vlahovic.

“I had tears in my eyes a few times watching the four athletes’ reactions to meeting the players on the field and listening to them talk about how much fun it was to be in the ballpark.

“The passion that these athletes demonstrate for baseball is incredible, and I would like to thank Bucky and all the wonderful people at for their time, patience and dedication to making the event a success!”

To find out more information about the Special Olympics, visit

To read more about the T.Cares program and to find out how could get involved with your community or charity, please click here.

Registered Developer Program International Integrators

This month we’d like to highlight our incredible Registered Developer Program members who are based around the globe.

New Image Systems

New Image is a web development shop based in Berlin, Germany. Working with Semperoper in Dresden, they launched a fully integrated ticket sales website in early 2016 using the ProVenue DirectConnect APIs. All ticket sales occur directly on the client’s own website without redirecting to ProVenueOnline. Using the New Image solution, patrons can choose from best available or select individual seats, as well as purchase programs and other items in advance.


Soap Media

Another entry in the website development space, this UK based development house provides the web sales front end for the Rheged Centre in Cumbria.  Patrons never leave the client’s website. Information about ticketed events is presented side by side with food, shopping, and other entertainment options.


Fortress GB

One of our earliest API adopters, Fortress’s platform provides loyalty, access control, and stored value functionality for arenas and stadiums. While based overseas, they began working with & the Washington Nationals in 2011. Since then they’ve expanded to support ProVenue clients both in the US and UK. In addition to RFID member cards, loyalty program members can access their profile and barcoded ID via’s Ballpark mobile app.



As the name implies, if you’re into winter sports, you may be familiar with Austrian based SkiData. That said, their products go well beyond just ski resorts, and include car parks, museums and football stadiums (or Soccer for those of us state-side). Their first foray into the RDP came just last year, providing integrated loyalty services for the One Buffalo app used by the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres along with other regional sports teams.


Are you interested in learning more or becoming a member of the Registered Developer Program? Contact us!

UK T.Cares initiative: the Christian Foundation’s Growing People Project

Our UK team took some time away from the office last week to support the Milton Keynes Christian Foundation’s Growing People project as part of the UK T.Cares program.

A worldwide initiative, the T.Cares program sees employees better the communities where we work and live, by supporting local community efforts with raising funds for various charities and providing community service.

The latest organization supported by the UK team is the Milton Keynes Christian Foundation. Their Growing People project is a horticultural social enterprise, which works with disengaged young people to grow organic seasonal fresh fruit, vegetables, salad and flowers for the local community at their Urb Farm based in Wolverton.

Natalie Jones, the internal sales manager at, was part of the committee that organized the day. She said: “Initiatives like Urb Farm really do make a difference to our local community and we were only too happy to dedicate our time to support the project.

“A few members of our team have previously attended open days at the farm and experienced the fantastic work that the Milton Keynes Christian Foundation does to support those in need, so it was a great fit for our T.Cares program.”
The team spent the afternoon of Friday, September 22nd helping out on the farm, gardening, tidying, and providing general maintenance work to support the staff who run the project.

Lisa Hodgson the Learning Tree Coordinator/ Special Educational Needs Coordinator at Urb Farm said: “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the work that the lovely team at carried out at the farm. Those were all jobs that have been on our ‘to do list’ all season, but we just haven’t had the time, so everyone involved has made a big difference! We hope the team enjoyed it and that no one was too stiff and achy the next day!”

For more information about the Milton Keynes Christian Foundation and their work, visit

To learn more about T.Cares and to make suggestions for communities and projects to be considered as part of the program, visit

T.Cares and Vet Tix partner to Deliver Unforgettable Experience for USMC Veteran

At, we believe that experience is everything, and through our latest T.Cares initiative we partnered with military charitable organization, Vet Tix to provide one very deserving US Marine Corps veteran with a day to remember.

Ryan Taylor served in the US Marine Corps from 2002 – 2006. As a lifelong Detroit Tigers fan, Ryan’s dedication to his military career meant opportunities to watch live games had been few and far between, so we got together with Vet Tix to treat Ryan to a VIP experience at Comerica Park this Summer as the Tigers took on the New York Yankees.

Vet Tix supports troops by honoring their service and providing positive family and life experiences. They work with currently-serving military, veterans and immediate family of troops killed in action to build life-long memories and encourage service members and veterans to stay engaged with local communities and American life. Since launching in 2008, Vet Tix has given out almost 4 million tickets to individuals across the U.S.

For Ryan and his three friends, securing great tickets to cheer on their #1 team was only the start of it; they received a scoreboard message and swag bags, and even went on the field for Batting Practice, only to be invited back to play catch with the players, accompanied by President & CEO Joe Choti and Tigers’ Senior Director of Ticket Services Grant Anderson.

Despite the Yankees winning the game 10-2, the result was clearly outshone by the once-in-a-lifetime experience Ryan and his friends enjoyed that day: “The experience was truly one of a kind, shows that there are people out there who still care. That was something that I won’t soon forget, makes me want to do more to give back to other veterans. Thank you VetTix for an incredible night! We were able to go on the field at Comerica Park, meet some of the players, and even play catch on the field! Thank you!!” ” -Ryan Taylor, MSHROD President & CEO Joe Choti said: “It was a fantastic day at Comerica Park and we are proud to be able to work with such an amazing organization as Vet Tix to give something back to individuals like Ryan, who have spent so much of their lives putting others first. The T.Cares program is a huge part of who we are and what we do at, and we can’t wait to deliver our next awesome experiences to deserving individuals and communities.”

To find out more information about Vet Tix, visit chosen as official MiLB provider

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New York — today announced a new long-term partnership with Minor League Baseball® (MiLB™), the governing body for all 160 affiliated professional baseball teams, making it the organization’s first-ever Official Ticketing Provider. Effective immediately, the long-term agreement furthers’s commitment to the Minor Leagues™ by providing fans with a great customer experience, powered by’s ProVenue® platform technology on the devices fans use most. and MiLB also will jointly create a first-of-its-kind consumer innovation lab to develop new ideas and initiatives through technology to connect fans to their favorite ballparks, teams, players and communities, while also providing a storytelling platform of the MiLB fan experience. The innovation lab will be constructed to embrace and expand the latest technology innovations from and serve as an extension of Minor League Baseball’s commitment to connect its fans to the game.

“We have continuously been an industry-leader in family entertainment with over 41 million fans attending games in our ballparks annually,” said Pat O’Conner, President & CEO of Minor League Baseball. “Looking forward, we have some lofty attendance goals, and our long-term partnership with represents a core pillar to our overall growth strategy.”

“Technology is at the forefront of our commitment to super-serve the MiLB fan,” said Ken Babby, owner of the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp and Akron RubberDucks and Chairman of the Baseball Internet Rights Company (BIRCO) Board. “After a 12-month process, it became clear that was the perfect technology partner to power our ever-evolving and growing ticketing needs.”, which already has partnerships with a number of Minor League Baseball teams across all classification levels, will be providing its ProVenue® technology platform and infrastructure to participating teams over the term of the agreement, enabling widespread integration for crossover marketing and promotional opportunities. This marks the first time all participating clubs will have access to a universal ticketing technology and customer experience data, providing access to untapped business potential to drive meaningful fan experiences.

“Minor League Baseball is renowned for its creativity in crafting family friendly, affordable environments and we’re thrilled to be its first official ticketing provider,” said Joe Choti, President and CEO of “ is committed to building this partnership from a strong foundation of reliable and secure ticketing technology. We are excited to get started, working closely with Minor League Baseball and its clubs to exceed the expectations of today’s fans for user-friendly, intuitive mobile ticketing options.”

The ProVenue® platform is a full service, integrated ticketing solution designed to enable entertainment and sports organizations to sell tickets to consumers under the client’s own brand. MyProVenue is a next-generation web application, entirely devoted to optimizing the patron’s desktop and mobile ticketing experience. The intuitive interface streamlines everything from buying tickets to managing account preferences. It centers on the patron experience, providing a higher level of flexibility and usability compared to traditional e-commerce platforms and will further benefit MiLB and club patrons.’s technology infrastructure will also provide a series of features and functionality, including interactive seat maps, ballpark pass subscription ticketing, ProVenue Access Control, ticket forwarding, Apple Wallet and email marketing tool CrowdConnect. These features are designed to further enhance the fan experience by providing flexibility for payment, speeding up access into the ballpark, allowing maximum choice on seat selection and even provide fans secure technology to share or transfer tickets to family and friends.

The new partnership also expands MiLB’s goal to continually improve the services and support it provides to clubs, including co-hosting a new annual ticketing conference – MiLB Ticketing Summit presented by – that will take place later this year. This event will provide a unique opportunity for key stakeholders from all 160 clubs to come together, share ideas and learn as everyone, including executives, shares best practices and the latest technology developments.

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About is a leading provider of fully integrated event ticketing solutions and services for thousands of top arts, entertainment, and sports organizations worldwide. Delivering the latest in ticketing technology, offers the advanced ProVenue™ ticketing platform, which serves the core of a comprehensive suite of integrated features, products, and services that help clients enhance ticket sales, marketing efforts, and overall customer experience. A wholly owned subsidiary of MLB Advanced Media, LP, since 2005, is headquartered in Costa Mesa, Calif., and has regional offices across the U.S. and internationally in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia. For more information please visit

About Minor League Baseball
Minor League Baseball, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, is the governing body for all professional baseball teams in the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic that are affiliated with Major League Baseball® clubs through their farm systems. Fans are coming out in unprecedented numbers to this one-of-a-kind experience that can only be found at Minor League Baseball ballparks. In 2016, Minor League Baseball attracted 41.3 million fans to its ballparks to see the future stars of the sport hone their skills. From the electricity in the stands to the excitement on the field, Minor League Baseball has provided affordable family-friendly entertainment to people of all ages since its founding in 1901. For more information, visit

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