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The Red Sox Replay Launch Success!

We at understand the excitement you feel when you secure a ticket to your favorite event on the secondary market, when the event has been sold out for months. We also understand how frustrating it is to pay a month’s worth of rent in fees that these sites are charging. You worked hard for your money, why spend it on fees? This is why our guys and gals with pocket protectors and IQs of over 249 have been hard at work creating a solution for you the consumer. All their hard work has created the most user friendly secondary ticket market in the industry, which we are calling Replay.

The Boston Red Sox were so blown away by Replay that they wanted to be the first to take it to the marketplace. They call it Red Sox Replay. Awesome name; we know! Within 24 hours of the launch of Replay, the new resale platform took the market by storm. There were over 28,000 tickets posted on the site during its first day, which was more than the total number of tickets posted to Stubhub during the first 30 days of March in 2015. OUCH!

Since its inception one year ago, the goal of Red Sox Replay has been to create a Secondary Marketplace option that would benefit the Red Sox and their loyal fans. We have provided an easy and enjoyable experience that can be accessed on either your mobile device or desktop. You can list your tickets on Replay with just a few clicks! When tickets are sold, they are digitally delivered safely and securely to the buyer without the hassle of printing and mailing.

Replay offers the safest, most secure and trustworthy site for fans buying or selling Official Red Sox tickets. With rapid success in its early stages, we expect Replay to gain market share and become dominant in the secondary marketplace. For the best secondary market experience, go to to purchase your Red Sox tickets today.

Co-written by Bucky Heath and Paige Funk

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