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In addition to offering PayPal® as a payment option for event tickets, clients can now promote the use of PayPal® and PayPal Credit® for renewals—new payment options for MyTickets account holders.

A proud partner of, PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors in the world. Their e-commerce services are easy for clients of any size to implement. For patrons, selecting or creating a PayPal account during a transaction is straightforward and painless.

PayPal inserts a layer of security between the merchant and the PayPal account’s funding source—the patron’s credit card, bank account, or a resident account balance (funds digitally transferred to the account from a friend or family member, for example).

PayPal Credit is a digital credit line that combines the benefits of PayPal security with the convenience of ‘buy now, pay later’ financing. Applying for PayPal Credit is quick and easy for patrons, and can be accomplished without interrupting an in-progress transaction. clients can expand the choices available to their patrons by offering the PayPal Credit option alongside the fixed-installment payment plans set up in ProVenue. Choosing PayPal Credit provides the client with a new way to collect full payment at the time of purchase while freeing the patron to repay the amount over time per their PayPal Credit payment schedule.

PayPal and MyTickets™ – How Does It Work?

The client’s transactional webpages (powered by ProVenueOnline®) and account management pages (MyTickets) allow the patron to start a ticket purchase or renewal, access PayPal, and complete the transaction in one seamless experience.

When the patron chooses a PayPal payment option, in just a few clicks the patron logs into or creates a PayPal account, and can also apply for PayPal Credit.

Once the patron has completed the transaction, the client’s Confirmation page and Confirmation email identify “PayPal” as the method of payment. PayPal handles all payment disputes, inquiries, and questions directly with the patron.

The new PayPal features deliver tremendous value to both clients and patrons. For more information about technology or how to implement PayPal payment options, please contact


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