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Creating Bespoke Event Links With MyProVenue™

Creating bespoke event links with MyProVenue™

ProVenueOnline™ and MyProVenue™ provide a number of ways for organisations to link to their event that are available online.  The last Tips and Tricks focused on the event links which could be achieved in ProVenueOnline™, and can be seen here, however with more venues making the switch to ProVenue® and MyProVenue™ here we take a look at the different options available in MyProVenue™.

Before starting you will need to have the basic link for MyProVenue™ to identify your sales pages:

Performance specific – when giving the customers a list of one-off events you can create a link which will take the customer directly into a performances sale flow. This takes away the need for the customer to find the event in a list.  This is created using the base link (removing the #/event/list) with eventid value at the end.  The event ID can be obtained from the event configuration page in ProVenue®:

Event Parameters – MyProVenue™ offers the ability to link events together into a list using a number of different event parameters.  These can be used separately or combined to refine the list presented to the end customer.  The most common use of the parameters are the following:

  1. Event title – It is possible to link a number of events using a part of the title.  This will most commonly be used to link together events in the same run, but can also be used to link together a number of separate events if they have something in the name linking them together (i.e. linking a number of events together as part of a festival if the name included the festival name).  This link is built using the basic link and then adding the parameter ?event=XXXXXX (if the event parameter has multiple words then a %20 must be used in place of the space).  Listing a run of events for The Play That Goes Wrong could use the following link,
  2. Venue – the parameter Venue can be used to link all events taking place in the same location.  This uses the parameter ?venue=XXXXXX.  Like the event title parameter this can be used as part or all of the name.  Using the example list, this format can applied to create a list of all events in the Studio.

Combination – Using the existing parameters of event and venue you can combine them to link to a smaller subset of the events.  To do this you can simply add the additional parameter after a &.  So to combine the event title with the venue you can use ?event=XXXXXX&venue=XXXXXX  this would be especially useful when combining multiple events from a festival for a particular location.

If you would like to use any of the above links and would like some assistance with building them, please contact the Support Team who will be happy to assist.  We will also be able to provide you with your venue-specific codes such as Agency or Org IDs. support team

T: +44 (0) 333 2 406010

ProVenueDatabox: Option 5
ProVenueMax: Option 6
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