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Google Analytics with ProVenueOnline

At we understand the value for venues in knowing as much as possible about customers’ buying habits, and we design our systems with this in mind.

For ProVenueOnline™ customers,  you can add in Google Analytics to your ticketing system to  track patrons as they move through the transaction process.

What can it do?
Adding Google Analytics will allow you to get more information on your customer’s habits when booking tickets, allowing you to collect statistics from every part of the process; including how many visits were made without a sale being made, at what stage do most customers stop during the ticket buying process or from what page do customers arrive at your site.

How is it added?
This is facilitated by the team and is free of charge to all customers. Once complete, you will benefit from the detailed analysis that Google offers with this service and all you need is the UA code from your Google Analytics or the username and password to your account. cannot offer support for Google Analytics, except for the association with your ProVenueOnline™ account.

Google Analytics: main features

Dashboard – The Dashboard gives you a quick overview of key statistics on your website use. You can customise your Dashboard by adding statistics from any of the pages in Google Analytics.


– You can get full details on the numbers of customers visiting your site. This includes what countries customers are from, what language they speak, whether they are a new or returning visitor, or even the type of internet connection that they have. You can also view the time spent on the site by customers, the bounce rate, how many times customers visit the site and how many pages they’ve viewed.


Traffic Sources
– You can view where your customers come from prior to hitting your sales pages. As well as seeing who comes direct and who is referred, you can also see specific sites from which customers arrive, and even what keywords customers use in their search to find you.

Content In this section you can see which pages are viewed most and therefore how many customers reach each stage of the ticket buying process. 


Ecommerce – You can see how much money has been generated by your online sales. This is then split by each performance so that you can easily see which ones have generated the most revenue through your website. You can also see conversion rates, which tell you how many purchases were made compared to the number of visits, and a number of other statistics relating to purchasing habits.


Interested in finding out more?

If you would like to add Google Analytics to your ProVenueOnline™ account or want hear more about the benefits it can bring to your ticketing system, please contact the support team who will be happy to assist.

T: +44 (0) 1908 232 404

Click here to download this information as a pdf.

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