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Online event recommendations and up-sells

Event recommendations and up-sells are a fantastic way of increasing the value of the customer to your organisation and enable venues to promote specific events, related merchandise, gift packages and donations when booking online.

How does it work?

Event recommendations

Before applying recommendations, you need to create the events in the ticketing system.  Once this has been done, the events will then need to be made available for online sale via the usual process.
Once all events have been accepted online, you will then need to work with the support team and advise which events you would like to link together – images can also be attached at this point. It is possible to advertise event runs in this way, however each performance requires an event recommendation button, so we would advise that single performances work best.


Up-sells are best used across your whole inventory or a run of performances. The process for setting these up is exactly the same as that for event recommendations.

What will the customer see?

There are two methods of displaying event recommendations or up-sells – as the patron proceeds with their booking, they will either be presented with a pop-up or, when they arrive at the shopping cart page, the carousel will display the events or up-sell items which are available for the event purchased:


Depending on the choice of the venue, the ‘add to cart’ option for the up-sale will either produce a pop-up screen, as shown below – this works well with events using single price sections such as a meal option or donation:


Alternatively, if the venue is going to use the up-sale for additional events, when selecting the ‘add to cart’ option it will re-direct the customer back to the standard seat / buyer selection screen.

Once the up-sale has been added to the transaction the customer will see a separate entry in the cart of the item / tickets:


Interested in finding out more?

If you would like to find out more about incorporating event recommendations and/or up-sells into any of your events or would like to see examples of this in use, then please contact the sales team who will be happy to assist.

T: +44(0) 1908 232 404

Click here to download this information as a pdf.

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