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Background/previous employment: My previous roles were heavily focused on Customer Service within the Retail sector, having spent three years within a Managerial position for a Convenience store. I’ve been able to apply the skills I’ve learned through my time there when assisting customers. 

Years of service at I joined the team in February 2013.

What I enjoy about being a trainer: Being able to use my own knowledge to assist users, in getting the full potential out of their ticketing system. 

Area of training I enjoy the most: Having a good knowledge on the reports within ProVenueMax, I enjoy training tailored to this.

Most memorable training: Last year I had assisted in installing, setting up an Access Control system at one of our customer’s venue. I was then able to go back and train them on the system and the use of it. Being able to see a project from start to finish was fantastic. 

Hobbies and interests: I have a deep interest in Ancient History, and collect coins relating to the eras I have interests in. Further to this I enjoy visiting museums and beta testing software. 

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