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Creating bespoke event links with ProVenueOnline™

For many of our ProVenueOnline™ customers, links from your main site are created as the generic event schedule link, which can produce a list of events for your end customers with either a monthly or full list layout.

Although this may work well for a generic booking link, it may not work as well when you are directing customers to the sale flow from an event or location-specific page. For this, the Support Team can assist with creating a number of different types of links for you.

Before going through and building the link, you will start off with the beginning part which will identify your sales pages:

The agency_name and org-id will be unique to your venue and can be provided by the Support Team to replace in the link.

Some of the most commonly used links are as follows:

Performance specific – when giving the customers a list of one-off events you can create a link which will take the customer directly into a performances sale flow. This takes away the need for the customer to find the event in a list. These links can be created in one of two ways:

  1. If the performance is not yet accepted into the ProVenueOnline™ event management system then you can create this by adding in the perf code and ticketing year (or year the event takes place in). For ProVenueMax™ customers, the perf code is the  six character code created for the performance.  For ProVenueDatabox™ this code is located in the gateway module.  The perf code replaces XXXXX in the below link and the ticketing year replaces YYYY:

  1. If the performance has been accepted, you can create the code using the PID (Performance ID). This can be supplied by the Support Team on acceptance of the performance or by hovering over the ‘Buy Tickets’ button on your event schedule (in most browsers this appears in the bottom left of the screen).  This number is normally a 7 digit number and will replace the XXXXXXX in the below example link:

Event Run – Best used if you have an event going on that has multiple performances linked as an Event Run in either ProVenue Max™ or ProVenueDatabox™. This can then direct the customers to a simple list of all the performances that occur in the Event Run. If you have a large number of events which are not linked by an Event Code / Run ID, then the Support Team can link these to provide you with a unique event code to provide this link.  The event code / Run ID replaces XXXX in the below example link:

Specific date list –If you wish to show customers all events that are happening on a specific date or in a date range then a link can be created with the required value.

  1. Single date – The link for this is created by applying just a single date into the link in the format MMDDYYYY:

  1. Multiple dates (not a range) – The link for this uses the same base format for the single date, but with the multiple dates then separated by a pipe (|):|MMDDYYYY|MMDDYYYY&schedule=list

  1. Date range – The date range link can be created with a beginning and end date for all the performances. This link is created with the first and last date separated by a hyphen (-):

Venue-specific list – If you have a number of different venue locations that you sell tickets for you can restrict the list so that the customer sees only those in a specific location based on the Venue / Facility ID linked to the plan in your ticketing system. This is created by inputting the Venue/ Facility ID in XXXXXX of the below example link:

If you have multiple Venue / Facility IDs for a single location (i.e. one for reserved and one for unreserved) you can add in multiple values after venue_id with each of them separated by a pipe (|):|XXXXXX&schedule=list

Interested in finding out more?

If you would like to use any of the above links and would like some assistance with building them, please contact the Support Team who will be happy to assist.  We will also be able to provide you with your venue-specific codes such as Agency, Org Ids or venue/facility IDs. support team
T: +44 (0) 333 2 406010
ProVenueDatabox: Option 5
ProVenueMax: Option 6
ProVenue: Option 7


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