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Be Remarkable | Use ProVenue

ProVenue® platform is a full service, integrated ticketing solution designed to enable entertainment and sports organizations to sell tickets to consumers under the client’s own brand. ProVenue clients capture, access and own consumer data, providing clients with a 360° view of the buying habits and preferences of their fans and patrons.

Be In Control Of Ticket Resale

Our software ensures a ticket resale is done on your terms.

Manage Your
Inventory Seamlessly

Have complete control. All your inventory is controlled through one application: ProVenue. 


Increase sales through dynamic pricing and targeted promotions.


ProVenue was built to ensure the best experiences for your patrons, especially during high demand.

Customize Your
Ticketing Platform

Your brand has tremendous value. ProVenue allows you to customize the ticketing web pages, so your customers experience your branding throughout the entire purchase flow. These custom-branded web pages allow you to:

Build customer loyalty
Enhance customer confidence
Deliver a seamless ticketing experience
Provide a convenient way to buy tickets online

Product Features

ProVenue Access Control leverages 3rd party certified solutions to offer fast entry, better security, and complete data capture. This is done through the scanning of bar-coded tickets in real time using wireless, hand-held scanning devices or digital turnstiles.

Open Architecture

Our Registered Developer Program allows any 3rd party solution to seamlessly integrate with our system.  The program mentors and supports various technology partners and their solutions through our open and extensible technology platform.

Interactive Seat Maps

Your conversion rate will climb because our intuitive map design minimizes abandonment and maximizes checkouts. With embedded high-resolution images, styling your maps is limited only by your imagination.

Built Without Limits

ProVenue supports multiple organizations via a multi-tenant design.  Share data across organizations or lock it down.  Our granular set of permissions gives you the flexibility that you need.


Put the power of ProVenue® in the hands of your patrons

MyProVenue is a next-generation web application, entirely devoted to optimizing the patron’s desktop and mobile ticketing experience. The intuitive interface streamlines everything from buying tickets to managing account preferences, all within a responsive framework that works great on any device. MyProVenue centers on the patron experience, providing a higher level of flexibility and usability compared to traditional e-commerce platforms.


1. MyProVenue is responsive, making it easy to use on any device, from smartphones to desktop computers

2. Offer your patrons easy, secure access to self-service activities, such as forwarding tickets to a friend, updating payment preferences in a digital wallet, or presenting tickets for entry into the venue

3. Interactive venue navigation maps make it easy to find great seats

4. Patrons can log in once to gain access to all MyProVenue ticketing features: primary market purchase, secondary market purchase, account management, ticket management including venue entry, ticket forwarding, and posting tickets for resale

5. MyProVenue makes buying tickets online fast, easy, and fun*

6. You shape the patron experience directly from the ticketing platform – use a growing number of ProVenue features to drive data, permissions, and behavior for your branded web application

*The initial release of MyProVenue provides a subset of the ticket purchase and account management features that are currently available to patrons via ‘full site’ ProVenueOnline. Speak to a representative to learn more about integrating MyProVenue features into your online ticketing environment. MyProVenue is available for both Major League Baseball® and Private Label clients.

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