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Wolf Trap Has Record Breaking Summer Through New Marketing Techniques

Wolf Trap features high-quality entertainment, presenting artists across all genres at three distinct venues: the architecturally stunning Filene Center and the charmingly intimate Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods, both outdoor amphitheaters located in Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, and the historic The Barns at Wolf Trap, which features music on a year round schedule.

Over the past three years, Wolf Trap has grown its membership base by an impressive 37% and its paid attendance by 23%. In the 2016 Summer Filene Center season alone, 22 shows were completely sold out!

To consistently increase the number of new buyers every year, Wolf Trap embraces the community aspect of their audience. They have found great success with community and grassroots campaigns by participating in cultural and community events, working with area businesses, and networking with embassies, chamber and civic organizations.

Director of Marketing at Wolf Trap, Heidi Kibirsky, quotes “Wolf Trap has found success bringing in new ticket buyers by increasing its community, grassroots, and cultural outreach and promotional activities, as well as through executing robust digital and social campaigns. To retain new patrons we have been successful implementing a new campaign sending first-time ticket buyers a ‘Thank You’ email that includes a three question survey, recommendations for upcoming shows, and an opportunity to opt-in to future Wolf Trap emails.”

Wolf Trap has had an increase in attendance across all three of its venues and has grown its opt-in email database to over 160,000 unique email addresses.

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