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Alfred, Access Control Solution

Access Control powered by ProVenue from


Some features may not be available outside the United States, please check with your local representative for further information and availability in your location.

Alfred works with the ProVenue ticketing system to provide the best possible all-in-one intuitive ticket validation software for ticket takers and venues.

Ticket validation can be done with traditional tickets, digital tickets, as well as contactless tickets via the convenience of Near Field Communication (NFC). Alfred also supports complex ticket validation rules such as entry/exit scanning, specific entry restrictions, timed admission, and controlled interior access to areas such as suites and clubs. With centralized, remote management of devices–plus a choice of Wi-Fi and/or cellular data connectivity– can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Capabilities & Features

Mobile Web App

sleek, modern interface with easy-to-read ‘Valid’ and ‘Invalid’ entry responses, and provides ticket takers with advanced features such as ticket history information.

Hand-held devices, pedestals, and suite scanners

Alfred works with multiple device types to suit your needs. From hand-held devices to suite-door scanners, as well as pedestals. Pedestals can be unattended to provide more safety and assurance to your staff and patrons when following social distancing guidelines.

Alfred, Access Control Solution

Full Service

Using Alfred offers venues a full-service experience with direct compatibility to ProVenue reports. With a variety of reports, data formats, and indicators, venues can understand patron behavior for any event(s) to determine the best configuration for the optimal patron experience.

Ticket Tracking

monitor patron movements through entry and exit points, including activity related to “multi-use” tickets, such as multi-day, multi-location, and multi-entry events.

Ticket Scanning

whether displayed on hard stock or mobile device screens.

NFC Capability

provides a frictionless, contactless ticket validation experience using Near-Field Communication (NFC).

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