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The ProVenue ticketing platform provides your organization with complete inventory control in one application. Venues using ProVenue capture, access and own patron data, providing them with a 360º view of the buying habits and preferences of your patrons. ProVenue is a browser-based, hosted web application that can go with you anywhere, and is designed to enable venues to sell tickets to patrons under their own brand.


ProVenue is built to be user-friendly and intuitive for every level of your organization – from your box office staff to your ticketing operations and sales team.


There is no virtual limit to the number of venues, hold codes, events, packages, buyer types, price scales, prices, and service charges that can be configured for one or multiple organizations.


Our open architecture allows clients and third-parties to develop their own applications utilizing data services. These integrations offer potentially unlimited benefits to venues and patrons.


Whether you manage a single intimate venue or a large organization with multiple stadiums, ProVenue is built to cater to your needs. Our solution is completely scalable with complex functionality behind a user-friendly interface.

Encourage future business by rewarding your most loyal patrons.

Membership and Loyalty programs in ProVenue are a great way to reward your patrons, encourage repeat business, and incentivize buying habits that align well with your business goals.

Create Membership programs with one or more levels, such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can grant membership freely, award membership (with the purchase of a particular package, for example), or sell membership individually, as desired. You also have the option to integrate membership with Loyalty programs and point value configuration in ProVenue or with third-party Loyalty solutions.

Loyalty programs assign point values for purchases and other activities. Motivate point accrual with rewards, such as exchanging points for a unique fan experience or merchandise, or requiring a certain number of points for the opportunity to buy high-demand tickets or to advance to the next membership level.

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