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Data-Driven Decisions

With our tools, we deliver the insights that matter to you.

ProVenue Reporting Portal

Data, Analytics, and Accountability

Making decisions for your venue in today’s market depends on the quality of your data.

From high-level sales and event information to individual patron information, we’ve got you covered.  We provide the tools to track behaviors, conduct in-depth analysis, and help you take action for successful operations.


We’ve got reporting options for your convenience.  We offer both direct data exports from ProVenue as well as the Reporting Portal.

Reporting Portal

  • Run, schedule, and receive reports while operating outside of the Virtual Private Network. Optional design privileges allow custom reporting and data analysis using the Ad Hoc Designer.
  • Limit access to “Report Only” viewers to protect your ProVenue box office data. (For example: ‘Report-only’ access for promoters)

Patron Behavior Tracking

Using our integration with Google® Tag Manager, venues can measure the number of times a page is viewed, learn how patrons interact with account sign-up features, find trends associated with abandoned shopping carts, identify activities that result in completed transactions, and more. When you track patron behavior and buying habits, you can use this data to enhance your patron experience, intelligently target your marketing efforts, and increase your ticket sales.

Replicated Data offers a flexible data-replication solution that provides you with a complete copy of your ProVenue data, including additions, edits, and deletions, updated every 15 minutes. A carbon copy of your actual database tables is made available to you as an Oracle® database, leaving you free to explore your data with any number of custom reports and to build support for any number of integrations.

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