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ProVenue Exchange 2019, presented by, held in Denver, Colorado, centered around inspiring your community through the power of experience. Uniting thought leaders, executives, technologists, marketing experts and architects of change, ProVenue Exchange invited the sharing of solutions, collaborating, and discovering and learning while forging strong business partnerships.

With an educational line-up focused on driving innovation for positive change, clients and partners walked away informed about everything from end-to-end mobility solutions to foreseeable trends of the live event industry. Amid the back-drop of the great outdoors and magnificent mountain range, ProVenue Exchange allowed individuals to share and collaborate while discovering common passions and dreams.

As Joe Choti, President and CEO, shared:

“As I was driving here from the airport I couldn’t help but be at awe with the landscape–streams, rivers, valleys, and mountains that were so high I wanted to climb. I was reminded that business is like a constant mountain climb. It requires fortitude, dedication, inspiration, focus, tenacity, and grit! And, it inspired an even bigger idea–it is better when we climb together.”

The collective objective of PVEX19 was to gain inspiration from each other through collaboration, communication and experience sharing—good and bad, highs and lows, peaks and valleys—like the brilliant landscape that surrounded us.

ProVenue Exchange is known for its round-table discussions, traditional lectures, and collaborative learning environments. This year’s conference also presented insight and analysis of the ticketing industry, with a focus on exploring sustainable opportunities for building strong communities and experiences. Attendees participated in hands-on technology training and interactive presentations on the most cutting-edge technology.

Highlights included the annual ProVenue Roadmap demonstration, “Meeting of the Minds” live Q&A, and exclusive keynote presentations from Laurinda Pang, President of International and Global Accounts Management at CenturyLink, and Bob Legters, Chief Data Officer at FIS Global. Also, in alignment with the commitment to making a difference in the community, we invited T.Cares partner The BeYOUtiful Foundation to share their mission and their experience providing services within the cancer community.

ProVenue Exchange prides itself on creating unique experiences. Attendees enjoyed morning fitness activities (a 5K run and yoga), and exciting evening events which were highlighted by a live performance from country music star Morgan Wallen.

For more information on attending or becoming a partner at ProVenue Exchange please contact

Bob McClintock, VP of Product Management, kicked off day one of PVEX19 with the annual Product Roadmap Presentation, providing details on upcoming software development projects, with a particular focus on MyProVenue. Bob’s presentation also included a segment on “What’s New” and “What’s Next”.

Bob walked attendees through the newest features including voucher integration, user experience enhancements, ticket protection, added security for ticket printing, ProVenue self-service setup, and new initiatives for our Membership and Loyalty features. strives to make a difference, not only in the ticketing industry, but also within the community. Core to the corporate culture is the T.Cares program, a natural fit for creating memorable experiences. The T.Cares program seeks to support local community efforts by partnering with various nonprofit organizations to provide remarkable experiences for individuals and their families.

At this year’s ProVenue Exchange, we were fortunate to hear from one of our T.Cares partners. The BeYOUtiful Foundation spoke about their mission of creating a community committed to women of all ages who are defying the odds against cancer, providing hope, resources and a path to feeling beYOUtiful. From little girls to bright young ladies, supermoms, and businesswomen, the BeYOUtiful Foundation is for everyone. Cancer is the fight of a lifetime, and something no one should go through alone.  The guiding principle of the BeYOUtiful Foundation is that we’re “Better Together.”

Learn more, visit:

Special to the ProVenue Exchange line-up is the annual keynote address. This 2019, we were honored to introduce Laurinda Pang, President of International and Global Accounts Management at CenturyLink, and Bob Legters, Chief Data Officer at FIS Global.

True to the ProVenue Exchange “Inspire Your Community through the Power of Experience” theme, Laurinda spoke about the importance of being engaged at all levels to become a positive, supportive member of your community. Laurinda shared powerful stories surrounding three concepts: expectation, engagement, and trust. She summarized that the power of shared experience is not about one thing—it is about all the little things we can do to help people connect and share what is important to them.

Bob Legters, an eighteen-year veteran of FIS, and visionary leader with extensive experience in the banking and payments industries, spoke to the effectiveness of the loyalty landscape. Mr. Legters provided strategic insight into how companies can create impact within their customer community.

This year we presented our Innovator of the Year award to Stellaralgo primarily due to their use of machine learning. While mining data and the use of machine learning/AI has been somewhat commonplace in other industries, we’re just starting to see this trend take root in the ticketing industry. This season, Stellaralgo was also one of our faster-growing RDP members, adding several MiLB teams and one MLB team in the first quarter of 2019, and continuing to grow in our performing arts space.

International Speedway Corporation received the Newcomer of the Year award this year for the successful implementation of 4 of their 13 venues – with the remaining venues to be completed by the end of 2019.

The Success Story of the Year was awarded to Temple Square, a 10-acre complex owned by The Church of Latter Day Saints. Temple Square earned the award by hosting a bi-annual Conference in April 2019 which attracted thousands of individuals from around the world. Temple Square also made the event “All Digital,” with over 85,000 tickets delivered digitally to local leaders. Those leaders were able to deliver the tickets to the individual attendees using the Ticket Forward feature available in the MyTickets interface.

ProVenue Exchange Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Opening Reception

Golf Tournament

Product Showcase


Live Entertainment Concert & Evening Out


At PVEX19, we explored the use of email marketing concepts such as Lists, Custom Fields, Segments, Patron Preference, Automation and Responsive Design Layouts. This session included email marketing use cases, proving both creativity and results.


During this special session, attendees heard directly from members of the Registered Developer Program, including a discussion on the basics of integrations, why they are important, and how they can benefit an organization. The session also spent time myth-busting common misconceptions about integrations.


In this session, attendees discovered creative ways for approaching Membership and Loyalty, ideas that can help drive new revenue streams, increase customer retention, and break the mold of traditional programs.


At PVEX19, we showcased the new Alfred, the Access Control solution for ticket validation created by Building on the success of the initial launch, Alfred 2.0 is branching out into new features such as card per seat/season cards and ticket-based rules.


During this PVEX19 session, attendees learned about analytics in MyProVenue.  The presenter walked attendees through the basic setup and configuration of a Google Tag Manager account and explored Data Layer in MyProVenue, providing simple examples of tagging specific data/events for tracking purposes.


At PVEX19, we showed how vouchers offer new and exciting revenue opportunities to venues, along with the flexibility to meet the shifting demands of patrons.  This session highlighted a number of different ways voucher programs can be configured in order to take full advantage of the power of this feature.


In this session on MyTickets and patron self-service, the presenter covered the differences between the  MyTickets Desktop interface, and the MyTickets interface available in MyProVenue. The session focused on specific topics such as the new Print-Restricted feature, 3rd party wallet applications and other features that allow a patron to enter a venue without the need for a barcode.


Having a clear strategy for implementing applications and features, as well as integrating with third-party applications requires deliberate planning to ensure that your organization is optimized for success. In this session, attendees reviewed tools and strategies to ensure that code releases are tested, preparations are completed for onsite events, new features are utilized to the fullest, and third party integrations run smoothly.

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