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2.5 Days

24 Sessions

36 Speakers

Disrupting The Ticketing Industry

The 2015 Annual ProVenue Exchange came together to disrupt the ticketing industry at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in “Music City” Nashville, Tennessee. Tucked in the curvy bend of the scenic Cumberland River, Opryland is one of the largest non-gaming resorts in America with spectacular indoor tropical atriums, cascading waterfalls, an indoor river, and one-of-a-kind views.

Just minutes from downtown, 200+ participants from the ticketing sales industry gathered together to connect, collaborate, and discover future technology trends. There was never a dull moment with 20 breakout sessions, 2 general sessions, 2 keynote speakers, a technology showcase, scheduled one-on-one support sessions, a private concert by country music beau Frankie Ballard, and an evening out at the famous honky-tonk, Wildhorse Saloon.

The first day of the ProVenue Exchange opened with an energetic and upbeat introduction from Joe Choti, the new CEO of Choti set the tone of the conference with an acoustic “performance” of a song by his favorite country music band, Zac Brown Band. With guitar in hand, he jokingly lip-synced and swayed in front of attendees. While of course this was all in good fun, and only lasted about 30 seconds (sorry Joe), it was a light way to kick-off the event and set the tone as a conference in which you were amongst friends. Choti then took the time to bring up the family to the stage so the attendees could get to know each one by name. This was not only a moment of appreciation and recognition of the hardworking team, but was also an opportunity for attendees to see their partners as people who are accessible. Choti said, “See these people. Get to know them. I want you to tell us the success you’ve had and the challenges you’ve had.” A true exchange!

ProVenue Exchange was also a showcase for both technology and the power of integration. Stark RFID screens flanked the stage with automatically displayed information on various guests.  Each screen had sliders of information including their names, their titles, and a fun or interesting fact about that person (i.e. “Mike Brown, The NY Mets. Fact: Mike ran his 10th marathon last week. Go Mike.”). Guests were delighted at the unexpected personal touch. Well done, Stark RFID!

Choti set the vision for the future of with a mission to “disrupt the ticketing industry” by creating valued partnerships and stronger relationships. With the overarching theme that “together we are better,” ProVenue Exchange focused on bringing together the best in breed in technology, sales, and marketing. Partners and attendees included representatives from 18 MLB teams, major attractions such as Fee/Hedrick Entertainment and Medieval Times, numerous performance arts client such as Soka Performing Arts Center and Brisbane Powerhouse, E Group, Samsung, Salesforce, Google and many more.

A highlight of the conference included a keynote address from Commissioner Emeritus, Allan (Bud) Selig who sat down with ESPN Sports Business Reporter, Kristi Dosh in an intimate Q & A interview. Selig was greeted with a standing ovation by all where he proceeded to talk about his career, connecting with fans, building loyalty, and ultimately detailing stories of how his helping establish Major League Baseball Advanced Media led to baseball as the leading innovator when it comes to sports and technology.  In a response to a question from the audience he also proudly discussed how baseball continues as a leader in communities with various philanthropic missions. He also shared a number of intimate stories during his career as Commissioner, giving the crowd a ton of laughs.

Discover more about ProVenue Exchange. Read about our Technology Training Sessions or Evening Out Events below. Learn more about our attendees reactions to the conference by downloading our PVEX15 Survey Report which presents interpretations, conclusions, ratings, recommendations and more.

A Word From Our Guests represents an organization that has about 20 major league sports teams as clients that are similar potential clients for Fan Manager (FM). Currently, FM is integrating all of data into the Fan Manager platforms and working with it, which is why we found it a benefit to be part of the event.

Harry Demott

This was a great chance to build relationships with and MLB while learning about their roadmap, what new prospects are looking for, and who we are dealing with. We sat in a wonderful session, and it really educated us by getting us all on the same page within the industry.

Debbie Blackburn has a huge presence within the ticketing space, as does Salesforce with sporting teams and venues. Two years ago, an opportunity presented itself to come together to join forces with and integrate between technology offerings and take the value proposition to another level.

Todd Schecter and Adam Franke

Boca has worked with TDC for many years. Boca values TDC’s business and wanted to be there as a supportive sponsor and supporter. Boca wants to engage with TDC, as to what products are important for the company moving forward to help them continue to grow and evolve. The feedback of TDC is invaluable to Boca, as we continue to develop and evolve our product line.

Louis Rosner, Director of Sales

In July of 2014 the decision was made to switch our ticketing provider to As with any change, the trepidation I felt was quickly eased right out of the gate with the operational assessment that was done. It was handled with professionalism, politeness and with our best interests in mind. It was clear this was not their first rodeo. From the beginning right through to game days each and every staff member I’ve had the pleasure of working with has been great. The “can do” mentality is evident from the top of the organization down to the bottom. As a 28 year veteran of ticketing, working with a dozen or so different ticketing providers and several conversions, this has clearly ranked at the top. The exchange this week in Nashville was a great combination of learning and fun. Job well done TDC!

Glen Davis, Director of Ticket Sales and Ticket Operations

I always enjoy the networking opportunities that provided by the conference as well as a better understanding of the new technology that’s out on the market and it’s a chance to be among my peers. I am eager to learn more about the new technology that’s on its way through TDC and the opportunities that’s going to present.

Joel Thompson

The ProVenue Exchange has been a valuable resource for our organization. We look forward to continually enhancing our partnership with and all of our colleagues throughout the industry at events such as these.

LA Dodgers

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the ProVenue exchange. Not only were we able to showcase our service to current and potential clients, we were also able to develop relationships with peers in the industry. And of course, we had a blast attending all the networking events and the golf tournament!

Max Lebovitz

Attending the conference is always a good way to increase our intellect when it comes to all the different programs available, but it also allows us to showcase this program for other teams because we were kind of the guinea pig of it. It’s also a good place to network. You know who the people are to contact if you have any questions. You know who the subject matter experts are, not only with the vendors but with the other teams. On the baseball side, none of us are competitors off the field, only on the field, so all the other teams are a good resource for us to bring excellence to our club!

Grant Anderson, Senior Director of Ticket Operations

Our partnership with affords the opportunity to raise awareness of our products and to deliver our technology faster and more efficiently to customers. As a rapidly growing ticketing platform, is in a strategic position to connect technology providers with TDC venues and clients. We’re excited to collaborate with TDC as an innovation partner in order to deliver more value to TDC clients.

Blake Hall, Founder & CEO

As the technology and process continue to evolve, there are always enhancements that need to occur on the access control system side, just as there are on the ticketing side. It was important for Alvarado to attend the ProVenue event in order to connect with existing and new prospective clients.

Brian McNeill

Valued Partnerships & Collaborations

Groups, Groups, Groups!  Unwieldy?  Time consuming?  Insecure.  Not on our platform, not with our partner: Groupmatics.  Empower your group leaders to broadcast to group members via email, through social sharing, or an external marketing campaign.  Enable secure payments for each purchaser.  Distribute tickets seamlessly.  It’s that easy.

Hybrid Cloud: ProVenue embedded inside of Salesforce.  It is the ultimate in CRM and we call it: ProVenueForce.

Stark RFID
There is never a second chance for a first impression. With Stark and ProVenue, greet your patrons by name as they enter the venue and make a first and lasting impression.

Parents always cringe at the thought of giving their kids cash or their card.  Why make them choose?  Don’t.  Buy loaded value tickets through ProVenue and Givex and be worry free.  Good at all points of sale.

It’s an on demand world.  There is a generation growing up where everything is at their fingertips.  How do we capture the attention of a generation that has an attention span powered by the Internet?  You use it.  Own it.  Send them and their friends a text of available seats to an event that you know they are interested in.  And then allow them to upgrade their seat once in the venue.  All powered by ProVenue and Experience.  Creating memories in your venue they’ll never forget.
Brand.  Incentive.  Loyalty. and know the importance of all three to you and your venue.  Let us show you how we can build market share and recognition, one customer at a time.


Taking a moment to celebrate the hard work of each of these vendors is very important to

“We work very hard to develop features and functionality in our system, and this gives us the opportunity to reward the people that use our products and services in an innovative and exciting way,”-Joe Choti, CEO of

Success Story of The Year:
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Innovator of The Year:
San Francisco Giants

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