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A Constant State of Evolution

October 29th, 2019 – The live experience industry’s leaders recently convened in San Francisco at the FutureTixSymposium, which included a panel with’s Joe Choti (President & CEO) and Derek Argobright (Chief Technology Officer), to share fresh perspectives on the evolution of technological and experiential challenges and ways to improve partnerships.

This session featuring also included Mario Alioto, EVP, Business Operations, San Francisco Giants; Dan Teree founder, Big Neon / co-founder Tari, Big Neon / Tari; Larry Martin, SVP, Business Development, Gametime; and Steve Machin, GD of Ticketing Strategy & Innovation, FanDragon Technologies; and was moderated by Maureen Anderson, President & CEO, International Ticketing Association.  

After opening with each panelist describing their opinion of the current state of the industry, a thoughtful discussion ensued around the challenges facing the industry that sometimes can be in a fragmented and worried state.  

Following these sentiments – Argobright commented on the need to have collaborative focus on event discovery and engagement to compete with the fragmentation and distractions of today: 

“People are not going to buy what they don’t know about. Through emerging technologies, we are helping them discover events that interest them, propelling them off the couch and into a live experience.”

Discussions continued around Omni Channel Distribution, a method of selling and managing ticket inventory through multiple sources.’s innovative ProVenue® platform uses live inventory among each purchase channel with complete control.  This provides its venue partners with opportunities to maximize event awareness and pull those new customers off the couch and out to the event.

The balance of the conversation centered around the future of the live event industry.  Each panelist commented that with tomorrow’s challenges, the live event industry needs to work on improving accessibility, fairness, transparency, ease of use, and creating standards with the customer experience always being the central focus.  Panelists also agreed that the trend toward open source fosters collaborative success – as embodied by the Registered Development Program (RDP). Choti commented that: 

“We are primed and ready to build the experience for our partner clients and their patrons by developing software that is agile, user-friendly and open to change.”

Anderson summarized this panel-led experience:

“As a group they were particularly open, transparent and honest about the obstacles and opportunities in the industry today.  But they were especially great when they collectively transitioned from being a group of technologists and c-suite leaders to being actual consumers with the passion of what it will take to answer the call to move the industry forward and that beyond all the technology is the need to listen.”

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