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Buyer Type Capacity Control With ProVenue®

Within ProVenue® there is the functionality to allow venues to apply a cap on the number of tickets that are sold against any buyer type.

This is useful if a limited number of tickets can be sold at a reduced rate as part of an early bird or promotional offer. Once the desired number of tickets are sold then the system will no longer offer the price to the customer in the ticket office or online.

The limit on the number of tickets is set at an event level in the Event Administration part of the system. To access this, the user will need to go to the particular event that they would like the limit on.

In the Event Administration screen, select the Capacity Control tab:

In the Capacity Control screen you can then choose which buyer type you need to set the limit on:

From here – with the Buyer Type selected – you will then need to select the number of tickets and what the limit type is:

Soft Limit means that when the sales get towards the limit it will only stop sales on the transaction that takes it over the pre-set limit. In the above example, if 49 tickets are sold at the offer price and a customer wants to purchase 2 more to take the total sold to 51, they will be able to make the purchase. At this point the system will no longer offer the promotion buyer type.

Hard Limit means that the system will not allow the quantity sold to exceed the limit. In the above example, if 49 tickets are sold and a customer tries to purchase 2 further tickets, it will advise that the system cannot grant the customer the tickets. If the customer selects 1 then it will allow the transaction to go through, taking the final number of tickets sold to 50 and stopping the promotional buyer type offer.

Once the limit has been applied the system will keep track of the number of tickets sold against the promotional buyer type. At any point a system administrator can either increase or decrease the limit.

For further information about this feature please do not hesitate to contact the support team: Support Team
1-800-899-1036  |

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