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Membership & Loyalty Programs Launched in ProVenue

We’re excited to announce the introduction of Membership and Loyalty features to our ProVenue® platform, the innovative technology built by that enriches the patron experience while providing venues with new streams of revenue.

The highly anticipated features allow partner venues to reward loyal patrons and cultivate engagement to amplify the live event experience.

By incentivizing purchases, the Membership and Loyalty features create the foundation for repeat business, and provide venues with the ability to track and build on relationships over time. For example, a multi-level membership program encourages members to advance levels for acquiring additional venue-customized benefits.

To enroll members, partner venues can sell membership individually or grant it freely, either by itself or as a side-benefit for a package sale.

Using the ProVenue Loyalty feature or a third-party solution, venues can also encourage members to earn higher levels of membership by acquiring ‘loyalty points.’

A Loyalty program assigns point values for purchases and other activities, such as the use of a digital ticket instead of a paper ticket to enter the venue.

To motivate point accrual, venues offer rewards, such as exchanging points for a unique fan experience or merchandise, requiring a certain number of points for the opportunity to buy high-demand tickets, or requiring a certain number of points to advance to the next level of membership (from a “Silver” level to “Gold,” for example).

The power to manage Membership and Loyalty programs directly through ProVenue is a substantial contribution to the platform – and to the ongoing commitment to help venues create captivating patron experiences and lifelong memories.


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