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Costa Mesa, CA – June 18th, 2020 –  As a growing number of venues begin opening and adapting to new ticketing and seating scenarios, has been working to continuously educate venues about the innovative capabilities of the ProVenue®  ticketing system that align with the changing needs of venues.

“Our goal is to continuously provide the tools and support for successful venue operations, even in an uncertain landscape,” commented Joe Choti, Chief Executive Officer at “Venues can work with a variety of seating configurations (reserved, general admission or a hybrid) to adapt to the social distancing guidelinesBy leveraging ProVenue’s native functionality we are here to support safe ways to bring patrons back to live events.”

New Seating Configuration for Social Distance Seating

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a need for people from different households to maintain a safe and respectful physical distance to reduce any risk of cross-contamination. At live events, this means that patrons will have to enter the venue using social distancing guidelines and be seated where no one in any single party is within a pre-determined distance from another group.

With existing setup options in ProVenue, makes Social Distance Seating configuration accessible for venues in a variety of ways:

  • Reserved Seat Configuration –The ProVenue technology allows venues to configure reserved seats for Social Distance Seating using Hold Codes to limit sales of contiguous seats to a single party and automatically enforce a safe distance between groups of patrons.

When using a Reserved Seat Configuration, venues can also set permissions to limit ticket forwarding and resale actions in order to preserve social distancing with attending patrons.

  • General Admission Configuration – ProVenue also allows venues to use a General Admission Configuration for Social Distance Seating. Existing settings in ProVenue allow you to easily limit capacity for each General Admission seating area to ensure a safe distance between patrons. As social distancing rules change, the settings can easily be adjusted to increase capacity and revenue.
  • Hybrid Configuration – Like a sculptor molding clay, organizations have the power within ProVenue to create venues and seating areas of different shapes and sizes depending on their needs.  The flexibility is only bound by imagination.  For example, in a hybrid configuration using ProVenue, an organization can combine one or more Reserved Seat and General Admission areas within the same venue for the same event, offering complete flexibility and control in the configuration of Social Distance Seating options. 
  • Each organization will need to evaluate their venue configuration to determine adherence to appropriate governmental guidelines. 

The dynamic nature of ProVenue is powerful and when it comes to re-opening events under social distancing guidelines, is ready today.

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