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Boundary Devices & Unattended Kiosks and Contactless Entry

Costa Mesa, CA – July, 2020.  With increased safety and security in mind during the COVID pandemic, continues to bring together technology, products, and services to help our clients provide the best (and safest) experiences. has teamed up with Boundary Devices to offer kiosks and suite readers that enable self-service operation, enabling patrons to enter venues while maintaining a safe social distance from other patrons and venue staff.

Boundary Devices provides custom-made suite door readers and kiosks/pedestal turnstile hardware that pair with Alfred, the all-in-one access control/ticket validation solution from Boundary Devices use  Near Field Communications (NFC) technology which provides a frictionless and contactless ticket validation experience.  Pejman Kalkhoran, CEO at Boundary Devices commented,

“Together, Boundary Devices and are delivering an elevated fan experience by enabling venues with the latest in NFC technology.” 

Alfred, not only provides the ability to validate traditional barcodes, but also digital tickets and contactless tickets via the convenience of NFC. Alfred supports complex ticket validation rules such as entry/exit scanning, entry restrictions, timed admission, and controlled interior access to areas such as suites and clubs. 

Both kiosks/pedestal turnstiles and suite scanners are equipped with barcode readers and NFC sensors for capturing ticket data for validation.  Kiosks/pedestals can be unattended to provide enhanced safety to venue staff and patrons when following social distancing guidelines.   Kalkhoran continued on the benefits, “The introduction of our pedestal scanning solution allows quicker entry into the stadiums while simultaneously reducing personnel costs.  The devices are controlled remotely, providing venues with unparalleled access to the data at each device location.”

Self-service (unattended) entry kiosks are an opportunity to provide a means for ticket validation without the need for interaction with a nearby attendant.  “Our integration with Alfred is a game-changing feature which has resulted in superior performance and improved integration with the ProVenue backend.” offers a complete and comprehensive, end-to-end technology solution for social distance seating including:

  • Flexible Seating Configuration – set up venue seating based on general admission configurations (seating by zones), reserved seating configurations, or a hybrid of the two approaches, depending on your venue needs.
  • Easy Event Management – successfully and easily configure events for social distance seating using hold codes, extended seat definitions, and more options available in ProVenue.  
  • Self-Service Ticket Management – patrons can use MyProVenue to manage their digital and contactless tickets before, or even at an event. Patrons can forward tickets to friends, relocate to a different seat, exchange for seats in a different event, and more while adhering to social distance guidelines.  
  • Patron Communication – customizable text in MyProVenue and configurable onsite messaging combine with your website details and marketing to provide your patrons with all the information they need to purchase socially distanced seats and enter your venue safely.   
  • Contactless Venue Entry –  (with Boundary Devices) unattended kiosks, along with devices configured with our Alfred access control solution and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology provide patrons with contactless entry into your venue. Contactless scanning devices include pedestals, door/suite readers, and a variety of hand-held scanners.  Plus, the technology built into MyProVenue allows you to display a barcode in strategic areas of your venue which can be scanned by a patron’s mobile device for a contactless walk-up ticket purchase. 


Boundary Devices is a technology provider in suite and pedestal access control solutions. Boundary Devices offers innovative solutions to control door access to luxury suites and the like. Headquartered in Lake Forest, CA, Boundary Devices designs and manufactures their suite scanners in the USA to support fast turnaround time withhigh quality. In addition, customization options are available to tailor the hardware and software for the specific needs of each venue.

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