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Introducing the Registered Developer Program

Integrating ProVenue with innovative industry-wide solutions – even if we didn’t build them

If you’ve been a client for a while, you’re probably familiar with our different acronyms, ‘TDC’ for, or ‘PV’ for ProVenue for example. Well here’s a new one for you – RDP. Short for the Registered Developer Program, it’s something that you may have read or heard, but one that you’re probably less familiar with. And this is something we’re working hard to change.

At, we’re industry-leading in what we do, but we don’t pretend to be experts at everything. That’s where the RDP comes in. The Program allows you to tap into the knowledge, expertise, and experience of innovative solutions industry-wide, making your venue’s digital capabilities virtually limitless.

How The RDP Works

The RDP provides access to a variety of data services that allow our clients or third party solution providers to integrate with the ProVenue platform. Tapping into these data services allows your in-house or affiliated developers to create solutions not otherwise available from access control, CRM, dynamic pricing, group ticketing, display boards – the possibilities are endless.

Using our APIs, data feeds, replication and other services allow Registered Developers to sell tickets, engage with patrons, and provide new insights. As an integrated application, actions are taken outside of the system appear as if they occurred directly within ProVenue. Through ProVenue permissions, you retain control over the features and inventory available to the application.

Meeting Our Standards

We care about the integrity of our clients and our platform, which is why Registered Developer technologies are thoroughly tested by our team before they are given the ProVenue Certified Solution badge. The Certified Solution badge guarantees that the technology seamlessly integrates into the ProVenue platform and only those that meet our standards are granted this designation.

Find Out More

Attend this year’s ProVenue Exchange conference to learn more about the RDP, as well as tips for selecting, working with, and enabling integrations. You’ll also get to hear directly from RDP members about the new and exciting solutions they can offer.

For a list of current program members and Certified Solutions, or to learn more about developing your solutions, please contact the team at

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