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Email Marketing: Button Up.

Buttons, links, and other clickable actions are a major part of creating an email campaign with purpose.  So, let’s get down to some strategies to help you improve your click-ability.

The link is a powerful tool that can be placed on text, and images. 

Something to consider is the hover.  When you roll your mouse over this link – what does it say?  Does it give you context on where it will take you? 

Links are primarily used to “go somewhere.” Any time someone is navigating to a website, using a link is helpful and can be a good formula for providing more in-depth information.

Why Use a Button?

Buttons on the other hand are typically used to indicate an ACTION or getting a subscriber to “do something”, like buy a ticket.  They also have the ability to stand out.

With CrowdConnect the official email marketing platform powered by WhatCounts you can easily add buttons and links to optimize your email performance.   

If you are a current client learn more about how to set up Buttons and Links in CrowdConnect today.

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