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5 Things Everyone Should Do During Fall 2016!

Life is more enjoyable, when it is enjoyed together. Whether you are surrounded by a small group of friends, a team of co-workers, or your local church or government community, performing any task, fun or mundane, can turn into an unforgettable experience. Surrounding yourself with others working toward a collective goal will be the best motivation, support, or even friendly competition to push yourself even further than perhaps you would have ever gone on your own. As a core philosophy at, we want to encourage everyone to get out and experience these five activities this fall, while leaning on your community.

Volunteering with others is such a special experience, with a deep fulfilling reward that can change your life (as well as some else’s). The options are limitless. You can participate in a park cleanup, serve a hot meal to someone less fortunate, or spend time talking to people at assisted living facilities. Join your co-workers, old and new friends, or jump right in with strangers. There are so many ways you can get involved. Check out T.Cares and the many ways we invited people to join us in giving back. You will never regret volunteering as a community.

Apple and Pumpkin Picking
This may be an obvious one, but always a family favorite! Head over to your local apple or pumpkin farm to pick some of this season’s most delicious fruit. The fun can also be continued at home when you gather together to make your favorite recipes. An added bonus would be to share them with your neighbor and/or co-workers.

Enjoy a Trip to the Museum and Performing Arts Centers
With the new season, new Fall Museum exhibits are ready to be seen. Grab your tickets, grab your friends and tap into the arts and culture scene in your city. Fall produces some of the most exciting and beautiful colors, arts and more. You might be interested in checking out Morris Museum, Morgan Library, Air Force Museum Foundation, National Gallery Of Canada, and more. has a great museum selection, check it out here!

Turkey Bowl
Join in on the dozens of teams who will gather together on the weekend before Thanksgiving for an enjoyable, friendly, and competitive pickup game of football across the country. Lace up your cleats, tighten your chin strap and bring your 8th grade school spirit for some game time festivities. If you don’t know anyone who is playing, start your own Turkey Bowl!

One of the very best Fall activities is watching football with your friends. Grab tickets to a game, get ready to tailgate and cheer on your team. If tickets to a game aren’t in your budget, meetup at a friends house or your local brewery to root for your team together. Nothing says Fall more than coming together for someday football.

Shriners Hospitals for Children 2nd Annual Walk For Love

Sending love to the rescue®, the mission behind the 2nd annual Walk For Love event, rallied 300+ participants held at LuLu Shriners in Plymouth Meeting, PA. With the weather unclear, this rain or shine event was determined to go on!

Moms, dads, kids, friends, colleagues, and dogs(!) rallied together to show love and support to Shriners Hospitals for Children celebrating their incredible work of providing life-saving and life-changing care to kids for over 90 years.

With two miles accomplished, guests also enjoyed a post-walk celebration and patient party, featuring food, entertainment and the opportunity to connect with other supporters, current and former patients and hospital staff.

tdc_walkforlove_small-24This year, we were honored to sponsor Walk For Love as Shriners is a proud T.Cares partner. Through the T.Cares program we’ve been able to provide memorable experiences for some of the Shriners warriors with VIP treatment to baseball games, concerts and more; we continue to looking forward to providing so much more! Read more about our T.Cares program here.

Shriners Hospitals for Children is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and relies on the generosity of donors. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Please consider supporting their great cause. Learn more here.

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After Overcoming the Rare Disorder He was Born with, Caiden was Given the Memory of a Lifetime

“Kids make us better. That’s why we do everything within our means to make kids better.” This is the heart and soul behind Shriners Hospitals, whose mission is to “provide the highest quality care to children with neuromusculoskeletal conditions, burn injuries and other special healthcare needs within a compassionate, family-centered and collaborative care environment”. (

The T.Cares Program stands firmly behind the Shriner’s mission and we’re honored to help create memorable experiences for their warriors, just like how we were able to surprise Caiden with a fun-filled afternoon with the Phillies.

After overcoming the rare disorder he was born with, Caiden was given the memory of a lifetime (as you can see through his smiling face in the photos). But truly, it was his strength and determination that encouraged us all.

It was through our T.Cares program that we were able to partner with Shriners Hospitals and the Phillies to host five year old Caiden, his brothers Michael and Brandon, and their parents Katie and Mike to a VIP meet and greet at the Philadelphia Phillies game on August 18 at Citizens Bank Park. They were able to meet many of the players including Catcher, Cameron Rupp who later shared via his Twitter: “Definitely made a memory of a lifetime yesterday!! Caiden you are the man!”.

Caiden and his family have an incredible and inspiring story, which is why we were honored when Caiden’s mom spoke to our family about their journey.

In Katie’s words…

Caiden was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS) and Ectrodactyly. ABS occurs when the fetus becomes entangled in string-like bands, it occurs randomly. In Caiden’s case it completely amputated his right leg at the knee. Ectrodactyly- Split hand/foot malformation is a rare form of a congenital disorder in which the development of the hand/foot is disturbed. Caidens right hand and left foot were affected.

This syndrome was discovered early on in the pregnancy, at my 11th week ultrasound. The doctor asked if we had family history of Dwarfism, I told him “no”, he then went on to say that it didn’t look like the baby had any legs.



Mike’s unit was set to deploy to Iraq in a couple weeks, I was prepared to be a pregnant single mom for the next year, but to now have a complicated high risk pregnancy on top of it was a little scary! Luckily, his unit allowed him to stay back (Rear Detachment).

I had so many appointments that I lost count, and with each appointment it seemed like we got more bad news, at one point they weren’t sure if he had any legs or hands. Finally at my 20 week scan when we found out we were having a boy they saw that he had 2 hands, one was “normal” the other had a couple digits, and that he did have a foot!  I’m grateful that we found out early, because it gave us time to educate ourselves and prepare for what we could do. We had 2 little kids at home as well, (Michael was 3 and Brandon just turned 1). We took every opportunity we got to explain to the boys about their brother.

As a mom your job is to protect your kids so I was going to do whatever I had to do to make sure all 3 of my boys were okay!

Caiden’s Challenges

The only thing that I would consider a challenge was the fear of the unknown! Google could only answer so many of our questions! Even with high tech ultrasounds we weren’t going to 100% know what we were dealing with until he was born. When a child is born with bone deformities there is always the chance that there could be other issues, so wondering if his heart would be ok, or if he was going to be deaf or blind or if there were any other internal problems that an ultrasound wouldn’t be able to tell us was scary. So instead of driving myself crazy over things that were completely out of my control, I took it one day at a time. I had to have faith that I could handle whatever was going to be thrown at me. It’s kind of funny to think about how much we worried because if we would have known then what we know now we would not have anything to worry about!!

Shriners saw Caiden for the first time when he was 6 weeks old and from that moment we were part of a family, a family that I didn’t necessarily plan to be a part of but one that I am thankful for everyday. I remember our first appointment and Doctor Kozin looked at Caidens foot and said, I want those toes, they will make beautiful fingers. I’m sure I probably looked at him like he was crazy! But at the same time I knew we were in the right place and that Caiden was in the best hands!

Day in the Life

A typical day in the life of Caiden is just like any other 5 year old. He just started Kindergarten this year so he spends his days at school, he gets to ride a bus so that’s a big deal to him!

He loves WWE, any chance he gets to play with his wrestlers or wrestle his brothers he takes it. He took a break from fall sports this year, running is a challenge for him so until he gets running legs we will have to find other things for him to do. He does attend a motor development class at the Kennedy Krieger Institute that will start up again next week, there they work on all kinds of skills. They teach him wheelchair basketball, tennis, baseball and swimming. He started wrestling last year and that will begin again in the winter. He loves to play outside…, soccer, riding his scooter. He loves swimming, he would spend all day in a pool if he could!

Shriners means everything to us! Without them, I honestly do not know how things would have turned out for Caiden. As a single income Military family, I don’t know how we would have been able to afford all of the things that Shriners has done for us! They have done everything – prosthetics, equipment, surgeries and therapy…… all without asking us for anything!

Caiden’s First Phillies Game and T.Cares

Caiden just thought we were going to a game. He had no idea that he was going to get VIP treatment! He won’t really describe the experience for me…… however, when asked what his favorite part was he said ” When they won, duh!” He also ranked his dance off with the Phillie Phanatic and being allowed to have two water ices a close 2nd!!!


The T.Cares program gave Caiden and our family a once in a lifetime opportunity! Without the program we would have never met the Phillies players or been able to go onto the field for batting practice. We are just a regular family that was given the chance to be treated like VIP for the night and that was pretty awesome! All of us had an amazing time, especially my 3 boys!    

As for what’s next, I have no idea! We are in for some major changes this year as Mike is getting Medically Discharged from the Army, so we will be moving and changing from the military world to the civilian world! Trying to decide where we want to live and finally put down our roots after moving every 3 years is a big deal and at the top of our list! But I also want to grow Caidens Celtic Warriors and do more fundraising on behalf of Shriners and Camp No Limits.

On behalf of our family, we thank Katie and her family for being a voice for children everywhere who have a similar story to Caiden and for including us in their journey. Today, Caiden is cared for by Scott Kozin, MD, and Corinna Franklin, MD, at the Philadelphia Shriners Hospital. Caiden’s newest prosthetics include Ironman and Phillies logos!

With 22 locations around the U.S. Shriners Hospitals are constantly providing for the education of physicians and other healthcare professionals and conducting research to discover new knowledge that improves the quality of care and quality of life of children and families.

Learn more how to get involved in serving your community with our T.Cares program on #ExperienceIsEverything

Product And Technology Highlights

ProVenue® is proud to announce the 3.7 release of ProVenue, a major release containing many exciting new features! Here are some of the highlights of the release:

  • Event Ticket Quotas – A per patron account ticket quota value can now be defined at the event level and enforced through all sales channels including via our DirectConnect APIs. Fine-grained control can be used to determine which seats are controlled by the quota value.
  • Lock Patron Account – It is now possible to lock a patron account that effectively freezes different actions for the account until some resolution or customer service issue is resolved.
  • Improved Multi-Organizational Support – Support has been added for self-service setup and administration in two key areas:
    • Service Charges
    • Print Formats
  • DirectConnect APIs – The release includes numerous enhancements to the Patron API as well as a new Bulk Price Update API

Many other smaller enhancements contained in the release are focused on MyProVenue self-service setup. For example, venue maps and static images used in MyProVenue are now not only defined in ProVenue, they are automatically transferred to the online servers requiring no manual intervention.


The release of ProVenueOnline 62.2 delivers a number of major renewal enhancements are now available including:

    • Auto-Renewals – Payment plans in ProVenue can now be configured to trigger an auto-renewal feature; when patrons select the payment plan they are presented with special terms. For a follow-up season, the rollover process in ProVenue will automatically create an order with future scheduled payments using the patron’s default credit card in their digital wallet.
    • Renewal Delivery Options – During the renewal process, a patron can now select a delivery method based on setup rules created in ProVenue. A full season renewal, for example, might offer a digital delivery, while a partial season package might only offer mail as an option.


A new release of MyProVenue, our responsive, mobile-friendly ticket purchase and management experience includes a number of enhancements and performance improvements. The addition of Data Protection capabilities (the ability for patrons to opt-in or out of marketing opportunities) is entirely self-service, driven from ProVenue setup.

Our engineering team constantly looks for an edge employing the latest technologies. With the latest release of MyProVenue, we have significantly improved the page rendering time across the application.

We are aggressively launching MyProVenue for more and more clients. If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can benefit from MyProVenue, please contact

Other Notable Product Updates

  • Product Design – As highlighted in this year’s ProVenue Exchange in Scottsdale, Arizona, we are working with many of our clients to focus on design, the creation of compelling User Experiences through content and User Interface Design. One key area has been the work we have done with clients to design new Navigation Maps. We are now offering our design services on a consulting basis and will be launching a Product Design Gallery to showcase some of our newest designs. Clients interested in our services will now be able to browse the gallery for ideas. If you are interested in utilizing our design services, please contact
  • Utilities and Tools – We are building new utilities intended for client use and new tools that will initially be used by internal personnel to improve our operational efficiencies and assist in streamlining your business processes.
    • Patron Merge Utility – After completing a beta period and when launched for general use, this utility can act on a file that identifies pairs of duplicate patron accounts, merging a “source” patron into a consolidated “target account.”
    • Load Import Staging Table Utility – A new utility will enable clients to load the import staging tables which can then be used to initiate an Import Run to bulk create new sales.
    • Patron Load Tool – Initially for use by employees, this tool allows for the bulk import of patrons.


T.Cares Spreads Its Wings

A “let’s dream big!” kind of idea, born in a small conference room, has evolved into a multi-organizational effort that has taken off like wildfire. From working with Major League Baseball Teams to popular venues, together we’re investing in our communities while striving to become a model of possibility. Whether it’s raising money for cancer research by cycling from London to Amsterdam, participating in events hosted by the Disabled Surfers Association of Australia, or auctioning tickets to a sporting event that benefits a local school in the US, we as a company, and as a family, are dedicated to making impacts to communities around the world.

Our most recent initiative for T.Cares transpired while chatting about how we can utilize our position in the ticketing industry to give back. The concept of “No Ticket Wasted” was created. How often do seats go unused at an event that others would give the world to go to? We wanted to create extraordinary experiences for  families and individuals facing various challenges in life but wanted to do more than just give them a ticket to the event. Ideas were flowing on how we could take this idea from a concept to reality and begin to change the world one experience at a time.

Our relationships with venues has given us the unique ability to create a once in a lifetime experience that goes beyond the ticket. This program has allowed individuals and their families to go onto baseball fields to meet their heroes, has given them VIP treatment and exclusive behind-the-scenes access to top tier artists,  all while making sure we together create an experience they would never forget.

Within a few months of the launch of our program T.Cares, and in collaboration with our clients, we have been able to partner with a number of worldwide charitable organizations to create incredible experiences for individuals around the globe. Some of the incredible organizations are Shriners Childrens Hospitals, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and the Special Olympics. Learn more about T.Cares and check out some of our photos by clicking here.

Client Upgrades, Renewals, & More!

We have been very busy over the past few months renewing client contracts and upgrading some of our partners to our latest and greatest features.

The University of Vermont is migrating from ProVenueMax to ProVenue for their Athletics and Arts ticketing. They chose to upgrade to ProVenue because of its powerful features and functionality that empower their students and fans, and increase box office efficiencies.

UVM will implement online student ticketing via ProVenueOnline and MyTickets.

This will allow students to bypass the box office and to get a free student comp ticket online. Only UVM students will have access to the student tickets as the link will sit behind a UVM credentialed website. The link will also be masked to prohibit students from sharing the link with non-students. Rules and ticket quotas will be established barring students from accessing more than one (1) free ticket per event. Tickets will be delivered through our Tickets@Home and Apple Passbook.

Syracuse University Schine Box Office, Northwest Florida State College Mattie Kelly Arts Center, College of DuPage McAninch Arts Center, and Alabama Theatre have also chosen to upgrade from ProVenueElite to ProVenue. Advanced features such mobile tools, Ticket Forwarding, MyProVenue and marketing services will be utilized across these amazing venues in the near future!

We value each one of our clients, and take pride in helping them reach their goals using their own, unique branding. For more information on and the ProVenue platform, please visit or email

United Kingdom Venue Reaches Major Milestone with

This month we are celebrating our longest client relationship as Pavilion Theatre Rhyl reaches its 25th Anniversary. For a quarter of a century an eclectic mix of artists and performers have appeared at the seaside venue, with by their side from the very start.

Since partnering with us in 1991 the theatre has progressed from using the original DOS system Pass2 to using our ProVenue suite of products to manage all ticketing requirements. In recognition of the theatre’s development and strategy to constantly evolve and innovate its business processes, the Pavilion also uses ProVenueOnline® and ProVenueConnect.

From the beginning we have worked closely with operations manager Val Simmons who has worked at the theatre since it opened. Speaking about our partnership, Val said: “Since we first engaged in 1991, we have not only seen our systems and processes advance greatly but also our relationship with the staff there.”

“The support desk is always on hand to resolve any queries that we might have and the onsite training provided is excellent. We’ve really enjoyed working so closely with the team over the last 25 years and look forward to many more!”

On Sunday September 18th, the theatre will celebrate its 25th Anniversary with a special Gala Concert, which will feature an all Welsh cast. Pavilion Theatre Rhyl is renowned for its variety of productions and events, making the flexibility of its ticketing system an important feature for Val and her team:

“We need to be able to determine how and when we sell tickets and thanks to, we are able to manage the sales process ourselves very easily and efficiently.”

The entire team sends huge congratulations to Val and her colleagues at the Pavilion Theatre Rhyl for achieving this fantastic milestone. Our relationship is a true partnership and we are delighted that we can continue to offer the products, technology and service to support the theatre in their determination to innovate and succeed for many more years.

For more information on the Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl, visit

The First English Football Club To Adopt ProVenue

Football League Two side Yeovil Town FC, has recently migrated to ProVenue to manage all of the club’s ticketing requirements having been a client since 2012.

It was a quick turnaround for the projects and support teams here to get the new system up and running in time for the start of the Football League season and ProVenue was installed and live by the time the club played their first home league game – a 2-0 win against Notts County.

The decision to move across to ProVenue was made to boost the club’s online ticket sales and experience for its fans; already sales online are up on last season’s per-game average and feedback from supporters has been very positive.

“We’ve received some great feedback from the club since they went live with ProVenue,” Robert Baker Ticket Office Manager at Yeovil Town said. “We’ve worked really closely with to ensure that the new system was designed and built to meet our ticketing needs – and, against a tight deadline, the team delivered exactly what was required. Their in-depth understanding of the club is invaluable and we have a fantastic relationship with the team there.”

For more information on Yeovil Town F.C. please visit Has Exciting News About New Clients! is proud to partner with Round Rock Express and Minot Y Men’s Rodeo in multi-year ticketing deals. Each organization chose ProVenue, the revolutionary full-service integrated ticketing solution pioneered by, as their preferred platform.

The Round Rock Express is an affiliate of the Major League Texas Rangers baseball team. Home games for the Round Rock Express are played at the Dell Diamond, a facility owned by the City of Round Rock and leased long-term to RSR Sports, who run and maintain the facility. Over a half million tickets are sold each year to games and events at the Dell Diamond, and fans will now be able to utilize ProVenue features, such as MyTickets™ to easily manage, forward and print tickets. For more information on the Express, visit

Minot Y Men’s Rodeo will be utilizing ProVenue features for its annual four-day rodeo event at the North Dakota State Fair Center in Minot, ND. The multi-year agreement will deliver secure and reliable ticketing technology for the rodeo’s customers, including ProVenue’s Access Control, Tickets@Home features and marketing solutions.  Minot Y Men’s Rodeo serves as the Finals of the Badlands PRCA circuit and is a 501(c)(3) that benefits the Triangle YMCA Camp. For more information on Minot Y Men, please visit

Are you interested in learning about how the revolutionary ProVenue platform can help your organization? Click here to request more information.

Double celebration for Pavilion Theatre Rhyl as celebrates 25-year partnership

The Pavilion Theatre in Rhyl celebrated its 25th anniversary this month, with a special Gala Concert. Over the last quarter of a century an eclectic mix of artists and performers have appeared at the seaside venue, with by their side since the very start.

As the third Pavilion in Rhyl with a longstanding history that dates back to 1891, the current Pavilion Theatre has employed three of its ticketing staff since its opening in 1991 – operations manager and deputy manager Val Simmons, box office supervisor Tina Evans and box office assistant Donna Battisa.

To celebrate the 25-year anniversary, a special poster was presented to the three staff members by and was signed by all the team currently working at In that time, the theatre has progressed from using the original DOS system Pass1 to using’s ProVenue suite of products to manage all ticketing requirements.

In recognition of the theatre’s development and strategy to constantly evolve and innovate its business processes, the Pavilion also uses customised web page solution ProVenueOnline® to facilitate 24/7 online sales and ProVenueConnect™,’s all-in-one email marketing software that provides customers with the essential features needed to create, send, track and profit from email marketing.

Operations manager Val Simmons has worked closely with since starting at the Pavilion. Speaking on the partnership, Val said: “Since we first engaged in 1991, we have not only seen our systems and processes advance greatly but also our relationship with the staff there.”

“The support desk is always on hand to resolve any queries that we might have and the onsite training provided is excellent. We’ve really enjoyed working so closely with the team over the last 25 years and look forward to many more!”

On Sunday 18 September, Rhyl Pavilion celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special Gala Concert, which featured an all Welsh cast. Former X-Factor runner-up Rhydian led the performance, alongside popular local actress Rebecca Trehearn and Holywell boys Richard and Adam Johnson, who were operatic finalists on Britain’s Got Talent.

The Pavilion is renowned for its variety of productions and events, making the flexibility of its ticketing system an important feature for Val and her team: “We need to be able to determine how and when we sell tickets and thanks to, we are able to manage the sales process ourselves very easily and efficiently.”

Derek Palmer,’s managing director and executive vice president, international, said: “On behalf of all the team at I wanted to say a huge congratulations to Val and her colleagues at Pavilion Theatre Rhyl for achieving this fantastic milestone. Pavilion Theatre Rhyl have been long term clients of and the relationship is one of true partnership.

“I am delighted that we can continue to offer the products, technology and service to support their determination to innovate and succeed and I am sure there will be many more amazing shows and milestones achieved in future years.”

The 1031 seated Pavilion Theatre attracts visitors from North Wales, the Cheshire border region and beyond and hosts a wide variety of shows including West End musicals, orchestral concerts, ballet and contemporary dance, stand-up comedy and community theatre.

For more information on the Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl, visit

If your venue is celebrating a milestone anniversary then we want to hear from you! Get in touch with the team

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