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Email Preferences

Email Marketing: What Do You Prefer?

Do you want to deliver carefully personalized, deeply engaging content to your patrons and subscribers?  All you have to do is ask them.

A preference site campaign is a great way to provide your subscribers options.  That way they can decide exactly what type of content to receive from you.

The more you know about a subscriber, the more targeted content you can create to increase their engagement.  Sell the right event to the right patron.

What is a preference site?

An email preference site (or center) allows your subscribers to choose from a variety of settings to help improve your communication with them.  Preference centers build trust and relevance into your marketing campaigns by giving your subscribers greater control over the communication flow. The more control you give recipients, the more likely they are to engage positively with your brand.

Consider what to ask.

  • Frequency of messages
  • Kinds of messages (newsletters vs. special offers)
  • Their personal interests: events / genres of events you offer (concerts, sports, etc.)

Did you know?

Personalization increases subscriber and patron loyalty. And as a result, subscribers are willing to  share more information with you.

In CrowdConnect you can quickly build a preference site campaign that will help you reach your communication goals.

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Email Sign Up Form

Email Marketing: Sign Me Up!

Big event coming up?  Without potential patrons to get the message, you are losing sales.

 Establishing a direct, personal communication with your patrons is vital to increasing your ticket sales.

 One of the easiest ways to increase patron acquisition is to create a sign-up form to capture email addresses, mobile numbers, and more.

What is an Email Sign-Up Form?

It’s a web-based form that helps you to collect email addresses of potential patrons.

Did You Know?

Even if you have a subscriber base – Marketing databases naturally degrade about 25-30% every year?   Sign-up forms can help you with an acquisition strategy and ultimately improve your ticket sales. 


The Look & Feel of the Form

Think about the patron experience you want to create. While pop-ups are very noticeable as they take over your webpage, some patrons may find them to be a nuisance.

Based on what you know about your patrons, you should choose the creative that works, for example: creating a lightbox or an iframe.

What is a Lightbox?

A lightbox is another word for pop-up.  It is a module that takes over a webpage browsing window and prompts a patron or prospective subscriber to take an action.

When you use a lightbox or a pop-up, consider limiting its presence to the homepage and/or using a promotion offer.

For Example: You can get X% off your first ticket purchase if you sign up for our email newsletter.

Depending on the sign-up form, you may want to limit this to new site potential patrons rather than everyone who lands on the page.

Another option is to embed your form onto your website as an iframe.

What is an IFrame?

An iframe also known as Inline Frame is code that allows you to embed content into your website.  With an iframe you can add your sign-up form onto your homepage or on a contact us page while keeping your full website branding(?).

Other options.

You can also create full page forms that you can customize and host in CrowdConnect.

CrowdConnect has an easy-to-use  options so you can quickly build pop-ups, full pages, and iframe forms that can be hosted either in the CrowdConnect cloud or installed directly on your web page.

If you are a current client learn more about setting up the form that works best for you.

Pop-up Forms

IFrame & Full-Page Forms

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Email Marketing: Happy Birthday

Email Marketing: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Get the candles ready, it’s time to make your patrons happier on their special day and improve your email performance.

 Birthday emails are an extremely simple way to get great opens, clicks, and conversions.

Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday, so make sure your brand is waiting in their inbox to help them celebrate the occasion.

There are many ways to reward your patrons in a Birthday email, such as special promo codes, VIP gifts, and access to exclusive events.


The best time to collect a customer’s birthday is when they first sign up for your newsletter.

You can then set up an automated birthday campaign and a personalized message to boost your email performance and patron engagement.

With CrowdConnect, the official email marketing platform powered by WhatCounts, you can easily create personalized birthday messages for your patrons.

If you are a current client, learn more about setting up your first Happy Birthday email in CrowdConnect here

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CrowdConnect Tracking Sales

Email Marketing: Tracking Conversions & Marketing Source Code

So, you’ve got your communication plan ready to go on email.  But how will you know if your emails are driving up ticket sales?  Conversion tracking!

What is Conversion Tracking in emails?

A “conversion” is typically when a subscriber performs an action like “Open” or “Click” within a message during a certain time frame.

But what happens after someone clicks “Buy Tickets”? To truly see conversions, you have to get to the purchase data.

CrowdConnect, the official email marketing platform powered by WhatCounts, works seamlessly with ProVenue® to take your clicks further.  Marketing Source Codes, created in the ProVenue ticketing platform, help you easily track performance beyond the click and right into sales. Marketing Source Codes can be embedded in purchase links in CrowdConnect templates to determine the success of specific email campaigns.

If you are a current client, learn how to set up Marketing Source Codes with CrowdConnect and start tracking your conversions better.

Knowledge Base Portal

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Email Dynamic Content

Email Marketing: Personalization & Dynamic Content

Personalizing content can get tricky when you are trying to message all of your subscribers. 

Fortunately, dynamic fields make it easy to customize messaging without creating each individual email.

What is dynamic content in emails?

Dynamic content in emails are pieces of information from your subscriber contact within your email marketing database that be used to quickly pull information into your messages.

What are some examples of dynamic content?

  1. Subscriber name
  2. An image attributed to that subscriber

Why does personalization matter?

Adding personalization to messaging is the number one tactic used by email marketers to improve performance.

With CrowdConnect, the official email marketing platform powered by WhatCounts, we will help you get personal.

If you are a current client, learn how to set up dynamic content in your messages and start increasing your email engagement today.

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Vaccinated Sections

San Francisco Giants Offer More Fan Ticket Options & Vaccinated Seating Sections

San Francisco, CA (May 3rd, 2021) – Earlier this month, the San Francisco Giants welcomed baseball fans back to Oracle Park with limited seating capacity.  As is the case with the rest of the live event world, seating capacity continues to evolve as health conditions improve.  By their second homestand, the Giants were able to expand seating capacity by introducing vaccinated sections within Oracle Park.

The new vaccinated seating sections are separate from the physically-distanced, pod seating areas and allow for more fans to attend upcoming games.

With these sections now on sale to the public, fully vaccinated fans can choose to purchase single tickets, tickets for odd-numbered party sizes, or buy tickets for larger groups. Additionally, socially distanced seating pods remain a viable option for any fan. The ticket purchase options are managed within MyProVenue™, the patron-facing web application for tickets organized by each protected sales group.  MyProVenue allows the Giants and to efficiently manage the seating inventory to ensure that the new vaccinated seating sections won’t overlap with the pod-seating sections.  Ashley Connor, Sr. Manager Ticket Solutions, San Francisco Giants commented,

“Protected Sales Groups allowed us to offer fans seating at their comfort level while managing complex seating requirements. We recognized that optionality is important to fans as we gradually increase seating capacity based on approval from local public health officials. Protected Sale Groups enables us to rollout vaccinated or social distance seating based on fan demand without rescaling the seating manifest in advance.”

At Oracle Park

On site, the Giants used Near Field Communications (NFC) ticket scanning at entrances and kept fan contact to a minimum by seating fans at a physical distance from one another.  Using the Janam® handheld scanners, Apple Wallet™ & Google Pay™ NFC  digital tickets are validated by Alfred™, the all in-one access control solution from

As capacity constraints continue to evolve, the SF Giants and stand ready make quick adjustments to deliver the best fan experiences at the ballpark.

Learn More about the Single Game Tickets & Vaccinated Sections

Learn More About the San Francisco Giants

Check out their schedule to get Tickets

About is a technology solutions provider focused on building premium live event experiences for clients and patrons. has been the technology provider for over 1MM live events across the globe. Our team is dedicated to developing and delivering the most innovative and modern ticketing technology in the world. Through strategy, partnership, and innovation, is on a mission to disrupt the ticketing industry and provide the best live experiences.

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Chicago House Athletic Club

Chicago House Athletic Club Kicks Goal with

Chicago, IL (April, 22, 2021) – announced today that is has become the official ticketing provider for the Chicago House Athletic Club (Chicago House AC), Chicago’s newest professional soccer club.  The Chicago House AC soccer team is part of the National Independent Soccer Association and will begin its inaugural season this August powered by With a home-town emphasis, the Chicago House AC puts Chicagoans at the core of its vision.

“We’re excited to be partnering with as our official ticket sales and service provider. By utilizing their ProVenue platform, we will be delivering the finest ticketing experience for our supporters in the sports industry,” says Chicago House AC Chief Revenue Officer, Steve Livingstone. “We look forward to providing a user-friendly and seamless online purchasing and ticket management process for all of our fans with as part of our House.”

The Latest Ticketing Technology

The Chicago House AC will be utilizing the ProVenue® platform, a full-service integrated ticketing solution designed to enable ticket sales, capture and optimize fan data.  The ProVenue platform is a browser-based, hosted web application that offers limitless possibilities for Chicago House AC ticketing.  The ProVenue platform has no virtual limit on the number of venues, hold codes, events, packages, buyer types, price scales, prices, and service charges that can be set.

In addition, the Chicago House AC will be showcasing their own brand to fans utilizing MyProVenue™, the fan-facing web application, entirely devoted to optimizing the fans’ desktop and mobile ticketing experience.  The intuitive interface streamlines the actions of buying tickets and managing account preferences, all within a responsive framework that works flawlessly on any device.  MyProVenue focuses on the Chicago House AC fan experience, providing a higher level of flexibility and usability compared to traditional e-commerce platforms.

At the Stadium Entrance Gate

To complete the seamless ticketing experience Chicago House AC  will be utilizing Alfred as their complete all-in-one access control solution from  Using Alfred, the Chicago House AC will streamline attendance,  and create a frictionless venue entry for fans and box office staff.

“ is thrilled to provide the Chicago House Athletic Club with the latest ticketing and venue technology and to help them kick off their season while bringing fans premium ticketing experiences. ” Tim Snyder, Vice President Business Development,

About Chicago House Athletic Club

Chicago House Athletic Club will begin its inaugural season in August at SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview. The team is part of the National Independent Soccer Association. We believe winning goes beyond the pitch and into the community. Chicago House AC shares the values of all Chicagoans with a special emphasis on social justice, racial equality, inclusion, serving the underserved, and having fun while doing it. Chicago House AC will actively work to make Chicago a better place through philanthropy, service, winning trophies, and inspiring Chicagoans to stand at the forefront of their communities to create lasting change.

For more information about the Chicago House AC, visit  For more information about the NISA, visit

About is a technology solutions provider focused on building premium live event experiences for clients and patrons. Established in 1995, has been the technology provider for over 1MM live events across the globe. Our team is dedicated to developing and delivering the most innovative and modern ticketing technology in the world. Through strategy, partnership, and innovation, is on a mission to disrupt the ticketing industry and provide the best live experiences. 

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Email Marketing: Image Size Matters

Does my image size matter in my emails?

The short answer is yes.

Too large of an image file can cause rendering delays, impact deliverability, and mess with your formatting. Too small of an image can become blurry or out of focus.

Here are a couple of standards used today to get you started:

Generally, best-fit images tend to be 600px-620px wide while the length is often adjustable to the design.

Text on images should be large enough to be legible when images are sized down on a mobile device.  If there is a legal copy or small print that should be done with HTML live text if possible.

Quick Tip:

A background can help with email width if you want to extend it beyond the image to adjust with the subscriber screens.

Images typically can be one of the three file types: JPEG, PNG, or GIF format.

  • PNG files are best for retaining resolution and transparency (if that’s what you need).
  • JPEG/JPG files are sometimes smaller file sizes and work better for photos
  • GIF files are used to incorporate motion into your emails.

File type must be determined BEFORE uploading the image to CrowdConnect.  Once the file is loaded, the file type cannot be changed.

Quick Tip:

Always include ALT text just in case your subscribers have images disabled.

There are many more factors to consider when creating your best and most appropriate email design.

If you are a current client:

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Cheyenne Frontier Days Ropes in Record Ticket Sales with

Cheyenne, WY (April 16th, 2021) – The cowboys have spoken – it’s time to get back on the horse!  Cheyenne Frontier Days had one of the largest post-COVID on sales in the United States yesterday.  Inviting fans back to enjoy this epic rodeo and festival, the July 23rd Garth Brooks with Ned Ledoux event has already sold out.

The 10-day festival includes a variety of rodeo events, carnival activities, dinner entertainment, a grand parade, live ‘Frontier Nights’ music performances, and more.  At the close of the first on-sale date, is proud to report that Cheyenne Frontier Days sold well over 103,000 tickets,   Cheyenne Frontier Days also reported receiving more than 25,000 callers for tickets, and over 26,000 visitors to their website showcasing an unprecedented number of excited fans ready to return to live events this summer. is proud of our strong relationship with Cheyenne Frontier Days which started over sixteen (16) years ago and thrilled that fans are embracing the return to live events.  We are thrilled to play a role in bringing patrons back to Cheyenne Frontier Days in a safe and confident manner,” Joe Choti, President and CEO,

Check out this epic ‘Frontier Nights’ line-up:

  • Garth Brooks with Ned LeDoux – Sold out
  • Thomas Rhett with Rhett Akins
  • Cody Johnson with Aaron Watson
  • PBR Last Cowboy Standing
  • Maren Morris with Special Guest
  • Eric Church with Ashley McBryde
  • Kane Brown with Restless Road
  • Blake Shelton with John King

Learn more about this not-to-be-missed event at

About Cheyenne Frontier Days

Since 1897, Cheyenne has celebrated its Old West roots with this eye-popping festival. The center piece of this Western celebration is the world’s largest outdoor rodeo, which draws top professionals who compete for more than $1 million in cash and prizes. Complementing the daily rodeo action are behind-the-chutes tours, trick riding and a wild-horse race. A Native American Village, Old Frontier Town, a saloon, dancing, a chuck wagon cook-off, pancake breakfast and an art show carry through the frontier theme. Rounding out the program are a carnival midway, an air show, top-name entertainment, professional bull riding shows and several parades that include antique carriages and automobiles.

Cheyenne Frontier Days™ continue their legacy of providing the best in western entertainment by providing your insights on the Master Land Use Plan. This plan will provide a framework to guide the long-term physical improvement, use, and management of the 83-acre park.

With the health and safety of their patrons, volunteers, vendors, competitors and performers a top priority, Cheyenne Frontier Days have heightened sanitation, health, and safety protocols based on evolving standards, public health and governmental directives.


Learn More at

ABOUT is a technology solutions provider focused on building premium live event experiences for clients and patrons. Established in 1995, has been the technology provider for over 1MM live events across the globe. Our team is dedicated to developing and delivering the most innovative and modern ticketing technology in the world. Through strategy, partnership, and innovation, is on a mission to disrupt the ticketing industry and provide the best live experiences.

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Welcome Series

Email Marketing: Always Welcome

An automated welcome email series can be a great way to start your email subscriber relationship off right.

An underestimated yet easy process to implement, the welcome series email campaign can yield high performance.

What’s great about this tactic is that you can set it up when you have downtime between events, or really any time of the year.

What Is a Welcome Series?

This is the email introduction to your new email subscribers to your venue, performer, or event brand. Over a “series” of emails, the goal is to build awareness, and affinity that will not only help you to sell tickets but also to help you keep them as part of your subscriber circle.

Planning & Timing.

One of the fundamental elements to the series is the “Welcome” notion.  Consider timing.  You probably would scoff at a “Welcome” message if it came too late or if you’d already been receiving emails from this address for a while.  So, start fresh with those new subscribers that just signed up and those new ticket purchasers with an immediate message.

Follow Up.

As a series, it’s important to follow up on your welcome.  Consider this as the show and tell the message.  This is the time to show your new subscribers the benefits you offer and how you will reward them with ticket discounts, new events schedules, and more.

Follow Up Again.

Engage with your subscribers and ask them to share with you what they like or any key information to help you build affinity.

For example, do you prefer these kinds of events?  When is your birthday?

Note about asking information: You should always be transparent!  Anytime you are collecting information it is very important to explain how that information will be used.  If you are collecting a birthday,  tell the patron why.  For example, to provide a birthday discount on tickets.

With CrowdConnect the official email marketing platform powered by WhatCounts, you can easily create and automate a Welcome Series.

If you are a current client learn more about setting up your first welcome email in CrowdConnect, check out the

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